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The laws that allow us use your personal information | The laws that allow us to use your personal information | Sandwell Council

The laws that allow us to use your personal information

The laws that allow us use your personal information

To be able to collect, process, share and retain your personal information, we rely on different laws that tell us what information we are allowed to collect, how we process this personal information, who we can share this information with and how long we can keep it for. Some of these laws tell us how to make sure people are safe, some of them tell us what information we are allowed to share with you. Here is a list of important legislation we rely on:

  • The Care Act 2014
  • The Public Records Act 1958
  • Children Act 2004
  • Children and Adoption Act 2006
  • Local Authority Social Services Act 1970
  • Care planning, placement and case review and fostering services (miscellaneous amendments) regulations 2013
  • Education Act 2011
  • Children and Families Act 2014
  • Children and Social Work Act 2017
  • Children and Young Persons Act 2008
  • Foster Service Regulations 2011
  • Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006
  • The Births and Deaths Registration Act 1953
  • The Marriage Act 1949
  • The Civil Partnership Act 2004
  • Population Statistics Act 1938
  • Local Authorities Cemeteries Order 1977
  • Cremation (England and Wales) Regulations 2008
  • Immigration Act 2016
  • Registration Service Act 1953
  • Council Tax (administration and enforcement) Regulations 1992
  • Local Government Finance Act 1992
  • National Health Service Act 2006
  • The Health and Social Care Act
  • The Public Records Act 1967
  • The Local Government Act 1972
  • The School Governance Regulations 2012
  • The General Data Protection Regulation 2016
  • The Data Protection Act 2018
  • The Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003
  • Employment Rights Act 1996
  • The Race Relations Act 1976
  • The Disability Discrimination Act 1995
  • The Employment Relations Act 1999
  • The Mental Health Act 1983
  • The Mental Capacity Act 2005
  • The Police Act 1996
  • Environmental Information Regulations 2004
  • The Human Rights Act 1998
  • The Road Traffic Act 1991

Some laws we rely on are not listed here, but are connected with these laws and might contain directives not mentioned in these. We use relevant legislation to guide our conduct across the services and areas we are responsible for.