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Town Grants from 2020- 21 | Town Grants from 2020-21 | Sandwell Council

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Town Grants from 2020-21

Town Grants from 2020- 21

Rowley Regis

Bumble Hole Conservation Group

Warrens Hall and Bumble Hole Nature Reserve Maintenance Project

Bumble Hole Conservation Group have requested CIL funding to purchase equipment for the maintenance and improvement of Warrens Hall Nature Reserve and The Bumble Hole Nature Reserve.

The size of the Nature reserve requires constant maintenance to keep it attractive, clean and safe for visitors of all ages.

The Bumble Hole Conservation Group have existing equipment that is well used and in some cases in need of replacement due to overuse and damage.

The purchase of further equipment allows the team of 16 volunteers to maintain the Nature Reserve more easily and would prevent the area from becoming overgrown and less attractive to visitors.

The group were awarded CIL funding of £1,023.94

Rowley Regis Disability Centre

Safety and Security project

Rowley Regis Disability Centre have received CIL funding to replace internal and external doors to their community building to make the building more secure.

Rowley Regis Disability Centre has received repeated attempted break in’s and vandalism to the building in recent years.

The group would like assistance to replace these double doors and install a metal shutter to prevent any further damage.

The centre also has a second set of internal doors which lead into the main room.

The group would like to replace these internal doors which allow more room for people with disabilities to enter the room safely and removes the risks of the current doors.

The group were awarded CIL funding of £3,166.00


North Smethwick Development Trust

Your Local Pantry – based at the Brasshouse Community Centre

NSDT is a community development organisation that work out of the Brasshouse Community Centre in North Smethwick. The centre acts as a focal point working with the local community to identify need and provide services and activities that support the local community.

CIL funding is to set up a Your Local Pantry. This is a community-led shop where members pay £4.00 a week and receive at least 10 items (at least £15 worth of shopping). This includes fresh fruit and vegetables, ambient, chilled and frozen products as well as toiletries.

The pantry will be run mainly by volunteers, offering people opportunities to gain valuable work experience and build confidence. The funding requested for this project is for a fridge, freezer and shelving to ensure that food can be stored safely and securely for the project

NDST have worked with SMBC Public Health to review working practices and social distancing requirements in the delivery of the project in view of COVID-19.

The group were awarded CIL funding of £2,577.62

African French Speaking Community Support (AFSCS)

Digital Training Facility project

African French Speaking Community Support have received CIL funding to upgrade their training room with 6 computers and one printer. This new ICT equipment will support residents to gain new digital skills. Giving residents confidence to go online for various reasons, such as: shopping, filling in forms, internet banking, using zoom, Skype, Microsoft teams, face book and supporting children as well.

The project aims to support numerous residents with limited English and poor digital skills, with completing online applications, including Universal Credit, council tax reduction, housing benefits and job searches. Furthermore, the free delivery of basic computer and digital skills classes will be undertaken by permanent staff at the organisation and volunteers.

The group were awarded CIL funding of £3,358.74

Cape Community Day Care Centre

COVID-19 safety project

Cape Community Day Care Centre is an established Day Care Centre of over 27 years run by a volunteer team.  The Organisation supports bringing vulnerable beneficiaries from local migrant communities together. Many of the beneficiaries have disabilities and are aged between 72 and 97. The organisation also offers a seasonal Youth Creation Youth Club for 6-14-year old’s, offering mental/ physical stimulation and social interaction and participation.

Due to COVID-19 regulations the number of people able to use the services is severely affected when the Day Care Centre re-opens. To reduce the impact this will have on these vital services. Cape Community Day Care Centre has received CIL funding to purchase room dividers, hand sanitiser and a new cooker to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on service users.

The group were awarded CIL funding of £3,832.98

West Smethwick Enterprise

Stay and Play

West Smethwick Enterprise received CIL funding for their free stay and play group. The stay and play sessions are an inclusive and fun environment for families within the community of Smethwick. Providing learning opportunities for the children and is an opportunity for young children to build on their social and communication skills by socialising with their peers and other adults.

The Family Support Service will also be available during the stay and play sessions to help families with a wide range of difficulties they may be facing. 
With the new resources purchased West Smethwick Enterprise will be able to continue providing these free stay and play sessions for many years to come with approximately 400 people benefitting over the next 12 months.

The group were awarded CIL funding of  £2,449.09.


Sky Force FC

Sky Force Football Club Equipment

Skyforce F.C is an organisation recently established in 2017 and the club aims to get youths off the streets and playing football in a fun and safe environment. The club has a diverse membership and is looking to extend their project through further training and will ensure the safety of the children, volunteers and parents in a post COVID-19 environment.
The one-off purchase of essential football equipment will enable the safe running of the club and re-start of training and matches following COVID-19. It is planned that football games will be played across various pitches in Sandwell from Autumn 2020 onwards.

CIL funding is requested for purchase of football nets, footballs, crowd barriers, corner posts and other more minor items to support the delivery of the project.

The group were awarded CIL funding of £975.69.

The Parish of West Bromwich, St James and St Paul
(Known locally as St James Church)

Youth club and Media suite project

The Parish of West Bromwich, St James and St Paul (known locally as St James Church) were awarded CIL funding to enable the group to offer a new and innovative multi media suite for use at their youth club.

The equipment will be available for free use by youth club members. The equipment will teach users to produce videos, create and edit music to a professional standard opening up potential career paths.

A number of volunteers (several of whom have extensive musical skills) will provide support, advice and backing tracks.

The youth club will also be able to purchase other technological equipment and traditional youth club equipment offering young people an interesting sociable place.

The group were awarded CIL funding of £3,917.05

West Bromwich

West Bromwich African Caribbean Resource Centre

Installation of security shutters to the external of the building

The West Bromwich African Caribbean Resource Centre is an established organisation that is based in Thomas Street, West Bromwich Town. The organisation works to benefit African Caribbean communities and aims to offer life chances to older people in West Bromwich.

CIL funding is requested to supply and fit new external shutters to the building. This is a council owned building that is leased to the African Caribbean Resource Centre,

The funding requested for this is for the one-off supply and fitting of external shutters to external windows to the building, following a number of burglaries to the Resource Centre in recent years.
The group were awarded CIL funding of £3,500.00

Litter Watch

Caroline Street Community Gardens

Litter Watch is an organisation which aims to improve the local environment through practical regeneration and educational activities for local people across Sandwell.

Restoring environmental pride, increase public awareness and developing community cohesion through the projects they deliver and by offering volunteering opportunities.
Litter watch have received CIL funding to repair two wooden cabins at the Caroline Street Community Gardens. The two cabins were both in urgent need of remedial works, new flooring and doors are being replaced to make the cabins useable again.

The group were awarded CIL funding of £2,658.20

West Bromwich Dartmouth Cricket Club (and Bowling Club)

Perimeter improvements

CIL funding has been approved for West Bromwich Dartmouth Cricket (and Bowling) Club to replace the pathway that enables access by spectators to the Bowling Club and Cricket Grounds.

The perimeter of the ground is a safe area for walking as there is a hand rail all the way round for safety of the older people.

Following completion of the path improvement works. This will enable access by wheelchair users as well as visually disabled people who want to attend club events and safely use the grounds. The path once completed would be open to all members of the local community as well as club members.

The group were awarded CIL funding of £3,500.00.


William Perry Amateur Boxing Club
William Perry Amateur Boxing Club training equipment

William Perry Amateur Boxing Club has been founded since 1997 and has been based in Tipton since 2013. The club has 26 beginners (11years+) and 30 members, 5 qualified trainers. (ABC level 1 and above).

The club has received CIL funding for new boxing equipment due to the renovation of their back room. The previous boxing equipment was in a poor condition and required replacement.

The CIL funding has enabled the Boxing Club to purchase new boxing equipment allowing William Perry ABC to increase the number of children in the club and hold more events and sessions following COVID-19.

The new boxing equipment will also allow William Perry ABC to increase their member numbers and will open up on Tuesday sessions (once Government COVID-19 guidelines allow).

The group were awarded CIL funding of £3,317.98.

Life In Community CIC

Life In Community CIC Life works project

Life in Community CIC (LIC) is based in Tipton and seeks to support local residents across the town, specifically Princes End Ward.

The group aims to offer support in addressing issues around health, poverty, worklessness, learning and improving skills.

The CIL funding awarded will enable the organisation to purchase equipment such as Kindle tablets, Computers and software, tables and desks and room dividers to allow more people to use the Project in a safer environment following COVID-19.  

The group were awarded CIL funding of £4,309.99.