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Previous Consultations 2021/2022


Project name: Bearwood Works Space

Survey Duration from: 29th March 2021 until 12th April 2021

Project Details:

Bearwood Community Hub have applied for CIL funding to set up co-working space on Bearwood High Street. The new co-working space will enable local people to start up or grow micro businesses and enterprises. This will reduce isolation that people feel when working from home.

The co-working space will be chargeable to those who wish to use it but may be open for users to pay for their space in volunteer time.  Freelancers and micro-businesses will be charged between £5 and £10 a day and more established businesses may pay a premium for a corporate or group membership. This income will be re-used by the Organisation to support the operational activities of Bearwood Community Hub as a charity.

Bearwood Community Hub will also work with the Black Country Consortium to provide direct and easy access to small business and social enterprise to enable development and growth support.

Bearwood Community Hub have contributed £1,770.40 match funding to the Project so far.

Amount of CIL funding being requested £4,329.64


Rowley Regis

Project name: Cradley Heath in Bloom

Survey Duration from: 18th May 2021 until 1st June 2021

Project Details:

The Friends of Haden Hill Estate have applied for CIL funding to support the Cradley Heath in Bloom project.

The CIL funding would be used to purchase several planters to place in various locations in Cradley Heath.

The aim of the Project is to make Cradley Heath High Street more attractive for visitors with a variety of planters. This project is in partnership with WM Police, Tesco and various other local organisations and the total project costs are approximately £8,000.00.

The planters will be planted as part of a Community Event and will be maintained by a local organisation. Local schools will also be invited to sponsor a planter and given the opportunity to plant the planters.

Amount of CIL funding requested £3,189.94.


Project name: Making Music with Time Step Dance

Survey Duration from: 20th May 2021 until 3rd June 2021

Project Details:

Time Step Dance have applied for CIL funding to purchase the equipment / instruments to start up a small music group. This new group will enable children to learn the basics of music (reading music, learning notes, and putting tunes together, timing and rhythm etc) and formation of a mini orchestra.

Time Step Dance would like to begin the classes as soon as possible (subject to Government restrictions being lifted). If the project is successful then Time Step would like to subsequently start a class for younger children 4-10 years and one for teenagers.

The musical instruments the Group intend to purchase instruments – including:
Cow bell and drum practice pads
Drumsticks and bongo drums
Cymbals and a Gong
A Metronome and a Tongue Drum
A Theramin (for people with limited mobility in their hands)

Time Step Dance Group aims to attract around 20-30 young people initially to participate in the Project.

Amount of CIL funding requested £918.09



Project name: Friar Park Millennium Centre Sensory Room

Survey Duration from: 02nd June 2021 until 16th June 2021

Project Details:

The Friar Park Millennium Centre in Wednesbury have applied for CIL funding to purchase equipment for the recently developed sensory room. The Millennium Centre plan to allow the onsite nursery, families and the Looked after Children Team to book the sensory room for use. Longer term plans include utilisation of these skills and training of volunteers and staff to run sensory sessions.

The facility will also be used for the junior youth club which is inclusive to all and the Project will benefit users with additional needs who attend this club and will be offered to the Special Need School that is being built next to the Friar Park Millennium Centre.

The room is currently furnished with padded floors, walls, radiators and has minimal equipment. The CIL funding is planned for purchase of equipment - including a projector, sensory toys, bubble machine, sensory table (with activities) and chairs or beanbags.

Amount of CIL funding requested £3,575.30.

Project name: Opening up Wednesbury 2000

Survey Duration from: 02nd June 2021 until 16th June 2021

Project Details:

Wednesbury 2000 have applied for CIL funding to bring a local and historical building back into use. This will enable other local organisations to utilise the services and facilities that Wednesbury 2000 offer. By opening up this space it will give local individuals, businesses and organisations affordable space to deliver their services in Wednesbury Town Centre. This will contribute to our charity to be financially self-sufficient in the future as well as being able to support and connect with more local organisations which will make out outreach into the community stronger.

In order to bring the building into its full use Wednesbury 2000 have split the necessary work into small projects. This funding is requested for completion of repairs to the fire exit stairs. This will enable other floors of the building to have safe access to support development and usage in the future.

The funding from CIL is planned to be spent on repairing the fire exit stairwell from the ground floor to the first floor which will allow work to be completed on the first floor and this facility to be opened up for community use. Separate funding will be gained to repair the stairwell from the first to the second floor.

Amount of CIL funding requested £4,200.00.





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