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Town grants from 2019-20


Barnford Road and Farm Allotment Association

Barnford Road and Farm Allotment Association have been awarded Town Grants funding for a tarmac pathway to an existing Community garden at the Barnford and Farm Road allotment site in Oldbury. The path will enable access to the area to local people, especially those elderly people and visitors with limited mobility.

The organisation has raised £600.00 to help contribute towards the community garden costs. The Community garden will be open to everyone in the Community to visit. 

The group were awarded £4,000

Bleakhouse Library Friends group

The original project was split into 7 phases (each with a 5 week programme). Following COVID-19 and the government guidelines to minimise contact with other people and to ensure social distancing.

It was agreed with the Project Leader to change the delivery of the programme from face to face classes to virtual classes using zoom. The virtual classes are now called 'RISE' (or The Rise Programme) and the type of physical/mental activity has changed to reflect virtual delivery by using meditations and guided relaxations via Zoom.

The impact of the project will be that despite COVID-19. People of all backgrounds will be able to participate in virtual sessions and they will continue to benefit from physical activity and social interaction.

The organisation also plans to record and have background music accompanying the virtual lessons in an audio/MP3 format.

The group were awarded £1,762.29

Tividale Active Retirement Group

Tividale Active Retirement Group

December 2019

Tividale Active Retirement Group were awarded Town Grants funding for a Christmas meal outing on a wheelchair accessible coach to Gainsborough House Hotel for a Christmas meal and entertainment for 45 people in December 2019.

The excursion enabled elderly people including wheelchair users to socialise and go on a planned outing. Many of the group members were elderly and the outing contributed to reducing social isolation.

The group provided match funding to reduce the overall cost of the project.

The group were awarded £1,012.75

Sandwell Irish Community Association - Langley Christmas Lights 2019

The Langley Christmas Lights event was held on Friday 29th November 2019 in Langley High Street.

The High Street parade consisted of Santa’s Sleigh, Irish Piper, Thomas Jones Fair, Fire Eaters and Stilt Walkers.

The Christmas lights were switched on at 6.30 P.M.

Town Grants funding contributed towards entertainment costs including -  dhol drummers, dancers and the Langley community band.

the group were awarded £2,667.00

Bristnall Ward Residents and Queens Head Traders Association - Queens Head Christmas Lights 2019

The Queens Head Christmas Lights event was held on Saturday 7th December 2019.

The event consisted of Santa’s Sleigh, Stilt walker and fire eaters, Robot, Face painter, balloon artist, acrobats, School Choir and Dance troop.

The Christmas lights were switched on at 6.00 P.M.

Town Grants funding contributed towards entertainment costs including – Santa’s Sleigh, Stilt walkers, fire eaters and acrobats.

the group were awarded £2,667.00

KRUNCH - Christmas Light Switch on 2019

The Oldbury Christmas Lights event was held on Friday 15th November 2019 in Freeth Street, Oldbury. The event involved a Santa's grotto, refreshments, children's rides and fun fair.

The Christmas lights were switched on at 6.30 P.M.

Town Grants funding contributed towards Fire Eaters, Stilt Walkers and stage costs.

The group were awarded £3,666.00

New Testament Church of God - Fountain of Life Day Centre

New Testament Church of GodNew Testament Church of God have requested funding to help start a Seniors Day Centre to reduce social isolation and provide positive opportunities that will enable members to form friendships and participate in activities that will contribute to physical and mental health wellbeing.

The project will involve healthy eating and meal preparation sessions to help encourage people to bake and share recipes.

There will be planned activities such as arts and crafts, sewing, knitting dominoes, scrabble and other similar board games. There are ICT classes planned with young members.

The funding from Local Area Budget has helped contribute towards the set-up costs of a fridge freezer, kitchen trolley, various board games, laptops and costs for EMBRACE healthy option sessions.

The group were awarded £3,878.01

Murray Hall Community Trust - SPARCS Buddy Trip

Oldbury - SPARCS Murray Hall

Murray Hall have requested funding to contribute to the delivery to increase the number of clients by arranging trips for current and possible new clients at the SPARCS project.

The funding from Local Area Budget has helped contribute towards the 4 trips of Jinney Ring Garden and Craft Centre, The Black Country Museum, The National Memorial Arboretum and Weston Super Mare.

The trips will help with reducing loneliness, isolation, low self-esteem, depression and poor physical health and give the group a chance to visit locations they haven’t seen since young.

The group were awarded £753.32

Tividale Academy - Girls Football Development

Tividale Academy - Girls Football

Tividale Academy aims to increase access to sport, mentoring, physical and social development by health fitness and education to raise their aspirations of participants of young people and adults.

Tividale Academy will be delivering a minimum of 40 weeks of football to its participants. The sessions will be for 2 hours per week and will be targeted at females only.

The funding from Youth Offer has funded purchase of set-up costs for the project such as pitch hire fees from Sandwell Leisure Trust, purchase of equipment, coaching courses and FA emergency aid courses.

The group were awarded £3,832.37

Options for Life - Independent Living Space

Options for Life

Options for Life requested funding to support one off purchases of equipment to support delivery of various skills sessions for vulnerable adults visiting the Whiteheath centre in Oldbury.

The funding from Town Grants funding has enabled purchases of equipment for the kitchen area, adjoining community room and decoration of the community room. Options for Life staff will provide workshops, cleaning, security, meal planning and DIY (decorating and IT skills) to vulnerable adults visiting the centre.

The group were awarded £2,409.

Tipton Townswomen’s Guild - Celebration of 70 years since inception – Oldest Guild in the West Midlands Federation

Townswomen's Guild trip

The project application received from an established group based in Sandwell that has not previously received funding from the Town Grants team.

The request for funding was to fund 40 people to go on an excursion to Patshull Park in Shropshire to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the setting up of the Tipton Townswomen’s Guild based in Oldbury.

The excursion enabled older people to socialise and go on a planned outing. Many of the group are vulnerable and may normally be isolated in their homes.

The group were awarded £975.

Read the full press release



Town grant for school uniform scheme

A £490 grant has been given to the Oak Tree Centre organisation to help them to set up a uniform bank to help people on low incomes to provide school clothing for children.

Sandwell Council's Town Grants team has awarded the money to the centre, which is based at the King's Community Church in Tame Road, Oldbury. 

The group asked for funding so that they would be able to help as many families as possible faced with the expensive task of providing school uniforms. 

Read the full press release

Hundreds gather for Peace Party Revisited

Hundreds of people joined together for a community party in Langley Park in Oldbury over the weekend.

Sandwell Irish Community Association hosted the Peace Day Revisited event to mark 100 years since a similar “Peace Day” party in 1919 – where the people of Langley celebrated a year of peace since the end of the First World War.

The event was made possible thanks to a town grant of £1,293 from Sandwell Council’s Local Area Budget.

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Borough-wide projects

Oldbury also benefited from a number of borough-wide projects funded by town grants.

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