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Previous Consultations - 2020/21


Project name: North Smethwick Development Trust

Survey Duration from: 04th August 2020 - 19th August 2020

Project Details:

North Smethwick Development Trust is a registered charity based at the Brasshouse Community Centre in Smethwick.

The organisation is based in the heart of a local neighbourhood affected by multiple deprivations and provides a range of services and activities either independently or with other local agencies to improve the lives of local families, older adults, children and young people.

The request for CIL funding is to support their Your Local Pantry project where members contribute £4.00 per week to gain access to a minimum of 10 items (approximately £15.00 worth of shopping) including fresh fruit and vegetables, chilled and frozen products as well as toiletries.  The shop will be community led and run by volunteers supporting development of crucial skills and work experience.

Additional benefits of the Pantry model are that it will be run mainly by volunteers, offering people opportunities to gain valuable work experience, build confidence and forge relationships with others in the community. Social isolation is also reduced as members meet before and after the Pantry opening times.

Pantries are designed to look and feel like any typical local shop, by offering members choice and an opportunity to contribute financially, members feel valued and it removes any stigma associated with other initiatives helping to relieve food poverty.

The North Smethwick Development Trust require CIL funding support to purchase the equipment to display the produce available to ensure the feel of a local shop. The equipment requested is a commercial upright display fridge, freezer and shelving kits.

Amount of funding requested: £2,577.62


Project Name: England Cricket Association for the Deaf (ECAD) Midlands Cricket Project

Survey Duration From: 23 October 2020 – 06 November 2020

Project Details:

Deaf World Smethwick is requesting CIL funding to set up an England Cricket Association for the deaf (ECAD) as there are currently no teams in the West Midlands.

This idea has been developed through suggestions and a consultation with young people and will be led by young people in association with Deaf World HIYP, ECAD and England Cricket Board ECB.

Deaf World Smethwick plan to purchase cricket equipment (such as pads, gloves, bats, helmets) to support this new Association. The equipment will allow the young people to practice and play matches in regional cricket leagues such as the T20 Tournament between North, Midlands & South.

This project will make a significant difference in young people lives as it will enable them to:
•Gain confidence and enhance general well being
•Engage in a physical activity regularly
•Enhance social and communication skills
•Have a sense of belonging and be part of a team
•Learn how to manage a sporting club and take responsibility
•Enable to explore options for coaching
•Assist in the development of cricket for the Deaf across the region

Amount of funding requested: £2,250.34


Project name: Cape Community Day Care Centre kitchen and safety equipment

Survey Duration from: 18th December 2020 until 01st January 2021

Project Details:

Cape Community Day Care Centre is an established Day care centre of over 27 years run by a volunteer team.  The Organisation supports bringing vulnerable beneficiaries from local migrant communities together. Many of the beneficiaries have a mental and/or a physical disability and are aged between 72 and 97. The organisation also offer a seasonal Youth Creation Youth Club for 6-14 year olds, offering mental/ physical stimulation and social interaction and participation.

Due to COVID-19 regulations the number of people able to use the services will be affected upon the Day Care Centre reopening.

When reopened approximately 45-55 beneficiaries of their day care centre and 25-30 youths from their youth creation service will be impacted due to COVID-19 regulations. To reduce the impact this will have on these vital services that Cape Community Day Care Centre offer, the Group would like to purchase room dividers, hand sanitiser and a new cooker. This will ensure their beneficiaries will be able to continue to benefit from their services and ensure they are able to reopen in a safe manner following all COVID-19 regulations.

Amount of funding being requested £3,832.98


Project name: African French Speaking Community Support (AFSCS) training room computing equipment

Survey Duration from: 18th December 2020 until 01st January 2021

Project Details:
African French Speaking Community Support are requesting CIL funding to furnish their training room with 6 computers and one printer. The need for this equipment was identified through a survey conducted on Smethwick High Street where 85% of the 75 people surveyed stated they are not computer literate and are not comfortable to attend a Library.

100% of those surveyed suggested that attending a training course delivering digital skills will benefit them and increase their desire to go online for various reasons, such as: shopping, filling in forms, internet banking, using zoom, Skype, Microsoft teams, face book and helping children as well.

The project aims to improve learning and digital skills and will support numerous residents, experiencing poor English and poor digital skills, with completing online applications, such as: Universal credit, council tax reduction, housing benefits and job searches. Furthermore, the free delivery of basic computer and digital skills classes will be undertaken by permanent staff at the organisation and volunteers.

Amount of funding being requested £3,358.74


Project name: West Smethwick Enterprise stay and play group

Survey Duration from: 06th January 2021 until 20th January 2021

Project Details:

West Smethwick Enterprise are requesting CIL funding for their stay and play group. The stay and play sessions are an inclusive and fun environment for families within the local community in Smethwick. The stay and play sessions provide learning opportunities for the children and is an opportunity for young children to build on their social and communication skills by socialising with their peers and other adults.

The stay and play sessions follow a structured routine of free play, a focused activity, tidy up time, snack time and saying goodbye which prepares them for early education such as Nursery or Pre School. The stay and play sessions are also an opportunity for parents to spend time with their child and other parents reducing social isolation for both parents and their children.

The Family Support Service we be available during the stay and play sessions to help families with a wide range of difficulties they may be facing through building relationships with the families.

West Smethwick Enterprise will look to source match funding of approximately £1,000 to purchase more outdoor equipment, such as an outdoor play house and a mud kitchen and larger play equipment etc.  It is planned that approximately 400 local people will benefit from the project in the first 12 months.

Amount of funding requested £1,568.13


Project name: Singh Sabha FC

Survey Duration from: 28th January 2021 until 11th February 2021

Project Details:

Singh Sabha FC was established in 2001 and became a chartered standard club in 2010 and a registered charity in Nov 2019. Singh Sabha FC currently has several active football teams ranging from an under 7’s team to an adult team (currently not playing due to COVID-19).

The Club welcomes local people from a diverse community and provides a valuable opportunity for young people to access football sessions free of charge and adults to access football for a minimal charge.

Singh Sabha FC is run by a group of 17 volunteers who provide the training and help run sessions and support all aspects of the club.

The funding Singh Sabha FC have requested will enable the club to purchase new equipment and will allow the football sessions to continue post COVID-19 whilst keeping its attendees as safe as possible. Without this funding participants are required to take it in turn to use existing equipment due to COVID-19 safety restrictions which reduces the benefit the sessions have on people’s fitness and well-being.

Amount of funding being requested £1,568.13

Project name: Move On Up

Survey Duration from: 08th March 2021 until 22nd March 2021

Project Details:

The Abrahamic Foundation were established in 2009 to serve the diverse needs of the local community in Smethwick.  The Organisation was founded by a group of scholars, teachers and other professional members of the community. The aim of the organisation is to create a centre that excels in providing high quality services in education, youth work, training, new Muslim provisions, and many other bespoke community services.

The Abrahamic Foundation Centre is based on Smethwick High Street. Activities are delivered for the community to get involved in such as Youth Classes, Adult learning courses and Fun day events. The Centre is also open for Friday Prayers.

The Abrahamic Foundation have requested CIL funding to contribute to improvement works to their lift. The Lift has been unusable for 3-4 years and by the lift being re-used again this will enable the first floor of the building to be accessible for people with mobility issues.

The Abrahamic Foundation have contributed funding to the project already and plan to open the building again for use by the local Community when Government guidelines allow.

Amount of CIL funding requested £3,323.40

West Bromwich

Project name: West Bromwich African Caribbean Resource Centre

Survey Duration from: 04th August 2020 - 19th August 2020

Project Details:

The West Bromwich African Caribbean Resource Centre is based in Thomas Street, West Bromwich. The organisation is a charity and works to benefit African Caribbean communities and aims to offer life chances to local people.

The CIL funding to supply and fit new external shutters to the building following a number of break in's to the Resource Centre in recent years.

The installation of four new shutters will upgrade the external security of the building and will aim to reduce the likelihood of further break in's occurring in the future. This work should also impact positively on volunteers and local people feeling safer that attend the Resource centre.

Amount of funding requested: £3,500.00


Project name: Sandwell Learn to Grow

Survey Duration from: 14th January 2021 until 28th January 2021

Project Details:

Litter Watch is an organisation which aims to improve the local environment through practical regeneration and educational activities for local people across Sandwell. Restoring environmental pride, increase public awareness and developing community cohesion through the projects they organise and offering volunteering opportunities.

The Caroline Street Community Gardens has a range of volunteer opportunities such as, a horticulture course for unemployed adults and is used by schools and colleges as well as other activities.

Litter watch have requested CIL funding to repair two wooden cabins situated at the Caroline Street Community Gardens. The two cabins are both in urgent need of remedial works such as new flooring and doors and are in danger of being unusable unless repair works are completed. These issues have already prevented the buildings from being used in some instances.

Amount of funding being requested £2,685.20


Project name: West Bromwich Dartmouth Cricket (And Bowling)Club Pathway repairs

Survey Duration from: 02nd February 2021 until 16th February 2021

Project Details:

West Bromwich Dartmouth Cricket (and Bowling) Club are requesting CIL funding to replace the pathway which gives access to the Bowling Club and Cricket Grounds for spectators. The current pathways is in a poor condition due to the floods and storms of early Spring 2020. As a result of this there are now potholes in the surface and the concrete joints have begun to disintegrate due to the weather over the Winter. The pathway is a main entrance for the bowling club from the Birmingham Road allowing access to the bowling green and is also used as a spectator perimeter for Cricket events.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the club have noticed a further demand for use of the grounds with entry to indoor spaces and leisure centres being limited due to COVID-19. The perimeter of the ground is a perfect area for walking as there is a hand rail all the way round for safety for the older generation whilst it can also act as a jogging/running area.

Once completed the project will enable greater access to wheelchair users as well as visually disabled people who want to come to club events and safely use the ground. The path once completed would be open to all members of the community to benefit from and not just club members.

West Bromwich Dartmouth Cricket (and Bowling) Club are requesting £3,500 toward the cost of the path with the organisation gaining match funding for the remaining costs.

Amount of funding being requested £3,500.00


Project name: Friends of Dartmouth Park

Survey Duration from: 17th March 2021 until 31st March 2021

Project Details:

Friends of Dartmouth Park in West Bromwich have applied for CIL funding to purchase and install five new park benches in Dartmouth Park. The benches will be colour matched to existing park benches (in a powder coated dark green finish) and will provide additional seating in an open air environment.

The new seating will hopefully increase the number of people using Dartmouth Park as there will be additional benches for Park visitors to use. The wider aims of the Project will encourage local people to exercise and this supports healthy living and reduces social isolation.

The Friends of Dartmouth Park are contributing 50% of the match funding to the Project.

Amount of funding being requested £2,081.40.



Project name: Skyforce F.C

Survey Duration from: 25th August 2020 - 08th September 2020

Project Details:

Purchase of football equipment to enable the club to re-start football sessions

Skyforce F.C is an organisation recently established in 2017 and the club aims to get youths off the streets and playing football in a fun and safe environment. The club has a diverse membership and is looking to extend their project through further training and will ensure the safety of the children, volunteers and parents in a post COVID-19 environment.

The one-off purchase of essential football equipment will enable the safe running of the club and re-start of training and matches following COVID-19. It is planned that football games will be played across various pitches in Sandwell from September 2020 onwards. The organisation has produced various COVID-19 risk assessment documents to support safe delivery of the project.

CIL funding is requested for purchase of football nets, footballs, crowd barriers, corner posts and other more minor items to support the delivery of the project.

Amount of funding requested: £975.69


Project name: St James Multi Media Centre

Survey Duration from: 05th October 2020 - 19th October 2020

Project Details:

The Parish of St. James with St. Paul’s in Wednesbury would like to establish a new youth club with a state of the art multimedia facility, available for free usage by youth club members.

Funding would be used to purchase various equipment, including MacBooks, with music editing and video editing software, a high quality microphone, suitable for professional use and a 4k video camera, capable of recording HD content. This equipment would allow young people to produce content to a high level possibly introducing an interest in Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics (STEM) subjects to the children using the equipment.

It is also the aim of the project to provide access to new forms of technology not currently available to many people in the local Hill Top community. This would include the purchase of virtual reality headsets, which would be used alongside more traditional youth club equipment, such as games consoles and pool tables.

Amount of funding requested: £3,917.05


Project name: Wednesbury Baptist Church

Survey Duration from: 12th March 2021 until 26th March 2021

Project Details:

Wednesbury Baptist Church offers a range of community activities from coffee mornings, stay and play sessions, lunch clubs, friendship groups and worship (as well as many other activities) all with a family atmosphere.

Wednesbury Baptist Church would like to apply for CIL funding to improve their outdated and impractical kitchen to allow the Church to improve on community opportunities they currently have and develop new projects and activities from the location. 

Wednesbury Baptist Church plan to offer more cooking-based activities including the possibility of healthy eating sessions and classes and will be looking to open on Christmas day in the future that will allow a Christmas dinner to be cooked in the new kitchen for people who live alone.

Amount of funding being requested £2,500.00




Project name: William Perry Amateur Boxing Club training equipment

Survey Duration from: 23nd October 2020 - 06th November 2020

Project Details: 

William Perry ABC have been founded since 1997 and present in Tipton since 2013. The club has 26 beginners (11years+) and 30 members, 5 qualified trainers. (ABC level 1 and above).

The club is requesting CIL funding for new boxing equipment due to renovation of their back room. The current equipment is in a poor condition and requires replacement. 

This will enable purchase of new boxing equipment and William Perry ABC will be able to increase the number of children in the club and hold more events and sessions.

William Perry ABC will advertise their sessions to increase their member numbers. The funding will open up the Tuesday sessions and the project aim for 15-20 members to join up for 50 weeks.

Amount of funding requested: £3,317.98


Project name: Life in Community CIC Life works project

Survey Duration from: 03rd February 2021 until 17th February 2021

Project Details:

Life in Community CIC based in Tipton, was established in November 2019 and aims to support local residents across Tipton town, specifically the Princes End ward.

The group aims is to offer support in addressing issues surrounding health, poverty, worklessness, learning and skills.

As well as their Lifeline Listening, Lifeline Shopping and Lifeline Counselling services the funding received will allow them to deliver their new Life Works service which addresses some of the needs of residents across Tipton Town for employment support.

The CIL funding requested will allow the organisation to purchase equipment such as Kindle tablets, Computers and software, tables, desks and room dividers to allow more people to use the service in a safer environment in the future.

Amount of funding being requested £4,309.99


Project name: Tibbington Racing Pigeon Club

Survey Duration from: 16th March 2021 until 30th March 2021

Project Details:

Tibbington Racing Pigeon Club was established in 1997 and is based in Tipton. The Club has grown to participate in pigeon races which can be as far as France and has members ranging from 6 years to 80 years old and is a family sport that aims to bring fun and enjoyment for its members.

As technology has advanced so too has bird flying technology with new electronic flight tracking systems being available that gives those able to afford the technology an advantage in competitions.

The Tibbington Racing Pigeon Club have applied for CIL funding to purchase eight new flight monitoring systems which will be loaned to its members in order to log their bird flights.

This new technology will allow easier participation for its members and will enable the Club and its members to become true competitors in the world of pigeon racing.

Amount of CIL funding being requested £1,992.00


Rowley Regis

Project Name: Rowley Regis Disability Centre

Survey Duration From: 2nd December 2020 - 16th December 2020

Project Details:
Rowley Regis Disability Centre are requesting for CIL funding to replace internal and external doors to their community building and make the building more secure.

Rowley Regis Disability Centre has had repeated attempted break in and vandalism to the building in particular to the front doors in recent years. The condition of the front doors has now deteriorated and the weather strips are also in a poor condition.

The group would like assistance to replace these double doors to the front entrance and install a metal shutter to prevent any further damage.

The centre also has a second set of glass doors which lead into the main room that are potentially dangerous and broken and could cause access issues for people with mobility issues.

The group would like to replace these internal doors with a new set of doors which would allow more room for people with disabilities to enter the room safely and removes the risks the current door pose.

Amount of funding requested: £3,166.00


Project Name: Bumble hole Conservation Group

Survey Duration From: 20th November 2020 - 4th December 2020

Project Details:

Bumble hole Conservation Group are requesting CIL funding to purchase equipment for the maintenance and improvement of Warrens Hall Nature Reserve and The Bumble Hole Nature Reserve.

The size of the Nature reserve requires constant maintenance to keep it attractive, clean and safe for visitors of all ages.

The Bumble hole Conservation Group have existing equipment that is well used and in some cases in need of replacement due to overuse/ damage.

The purchase of further equipment would allow the team of 16 volunteers to maintain the Nature reserve more easily and would prevent the area from becoming overgrown and less attractive to residents.

Amount of funding requested: £1,023.94.



Project name: Stepway Community Garden Project

Survey Duration from: 11th February 2021 until 25th February 2021

Project Details:

Stepway offers a structured pathway for veterans needing support or facing challenges adapting to civilian life. This is a new partnership project between the Salvation Army and

Stepway. The CIL funding will support Stepway as they will be leading the project, in purchasing items such as sheds, gardening equipment and tools etc.

The project is to help build a Community Garden in Oldbury in order to help bring the wider community together and a feel-good factor where everyone young and old can participate.

This project will make a significant difference in people lives as it will enable them to learn new skills and take part in activities:

Proposed Activities:
• Wood crafts using materials from the site and off-cuts donated
• Horticulture skills – maintaining the extensive fruit and vegetable plots
• Completion of cooking and healthy eating lessons
• Maintenance programme to develop the site across the seasons
• Projects benefiting the local community and integrated activities for the whole family.

Amount of funding requested: £4,250.00.