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Community Infrastructure Levy

What is Community Infrastructure Levy?

As part of the council's commitment to the voluntary and community sector, and to help ensure the council responds positively to good ideas coming from residents, local community and voluntary organisations, Sandwell Council can now offer Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) grants to Community groups across Sandwell. 

CIL grants can only be spent on capital projects (i.e. cannot be used to fund revenue costs e.g. staff, rent, events etc). CIL grants must be used to support the development of areas throughout Sandwell by funding the provision, improvement, replacement, operation or maintenance of infrastructure or anything else that is concerned with addressing the demands that development places on an area. 

Some examples of eligible projects and funding includes:

  • Renovations and improvements to community centres and community run council buildings
  • Equipment for community groups
  • Sports equipment 
  • IT equipment 

Please see the CIL Guidance Notes for more information.

Sandwell Council is keen that residents get involved in helping to achieve our Sandwell Council Vision 2030 ambitions. We want to actively work with our local voluntary sector organisations and community groups and invite you to share your ideas and projects with us.

CIL grants will be accessible through a single application process and one set of forms. Applications for CIL grants should support our 2030 Vision for Sandwell MBC and will be subjected to a two week public consultation.

The CIL grant applications will be agreed by a Cabinet Member, the Town Chair Members and the CIL steering group based on the priorities within each of the six towns.

How do you apply?

Contact the SMBC Town Grants team on 0121 569 6065 or via email – to discuss your project or for more information regarding CIL grants.