Town Grants


Sandwell Armed Forces & Veterans Parade Committee funded for Sandwell wide services and parades.

Sandwell Armed Forces Parades

November 2019

The Sandwell Armed Forces and Veterans Parade Committee currently provides and facilitates parades of a military basis to local people and communities across Sandwell. The parades include - Remembrance Sunday Services, the Holocaust Memorial Day, Armed Forces Day and other military based parades across the year.

It is planned that the Parades Committee will oversee all military based parades across the six towns of Sandwell. This will support the continuation of parades being held in the future.

The group has identified that the aims of the project are to engage with and bring together local communities and to raise awareness of parades and commerative events. This contributes to promoting and supporting existing community action and activities in this area.

The group were awarded £3,000.00 (£500.00 per town)

Litter Watch

Litter Watch

November 2019

Litter Watch has been awarded funding to support volunteers across the six Sandwell towns for litter picking and cleansing of areas in local green spaces and community areas.

The project aims to encourage individuals to “adopt a street” to enable local people to look after an area in their neighbourhood. The project will look to support, encourage and increase volunteering by local residents.

The group is looking to deliver 100 litter picks and engage with 30 new volunteers. It is planned that there will twelve locations adopted across all the towns (2 for each town). The group will undertake litter picking and environmental work following volunteers receiving appropriate induction and training.

The group were awarded £10,582.98 (a split of £1,763.83 across each of the six towns).


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Federation of Friends of Sandwell Libraries - Children’s and family’s activities in libraries during school holidays.

The Federation of Friends Sandwell Libraries is made up of representatives across Sandwell. The funding requested is to deliver activities at all Libraries across the Sandwell borough.

The project will provide 116 activity sessions for Children and families across all Sandwell Libraries in 2019/20 during school holidays and will be delivered by professional entertainers.

This is to help encourage and attract a larger number of participants and improve equality by ensuring there are high-quality children’s activities in all Sandwell Libraries.

The group were awarded £11,245


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