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Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Grants


Dorothy Parkes

Grief, Bereavement, & Loss Support Programme

The Dorothy Parkes Centre is a community organisation based in Smethwick and provides a wide range of activities for the local community.

The Dorothy Parkes Centre applied for CIL funding which helped purchase new furniture and a projector screen for their Grief, Bereavement and Loss Support Programme.

The project was to create a safe space where people can talk openly about the issues that they face both historically and currently. The purpose of the sessions was to help individuals through their loss.

The CIL funding was used to purchase meeting room Chairs, Tub Chairs and a Projector Screen to support the delivery of the Project.

The group were awarded CIL funding of £3,259.93

Dorothy Parkes

West Smethwick Enterprise

West Smethwick Enterprise stay and play group

West Smethwick Enterprise received CIL funding for their free stay and play group. The stay and play sessions are an inclusive and fun environment for families within the community of Smethwick. Providing learning opportunities for the children to build on their social and communication skills by socialising with their peers and other adults.

The sessions also allow parents to spend time with their child and other parents helping to reduce social isolation.

The Family Support Service will also be available during the stay and play sessions to help families with a wide range of difficulties they may be facing. 

With the new resources purchased, West Smethwick Enterprise will be able to continue providing these free stay and play sessions for many years to come with approximately 400 people benefitting.

The group were awarded CIL funding of £2,450.29 

West Smethwick Enterprise

North Smethwick Development Trust

Your Local Pantry - Brasshouse

NSDT is a community development organisation that work out of the Brasshouse Community Centre in North Smethwick. The centre acts as a focal point working with the local community to identify need and provide services and activities that support the local community.

CIL funding was used to set up a Your Local Pantry. This is a community-led shop where members payed £4.00 a week and receive at least 10 items (at least £15 worth of shopping). Including fresh fruit and vegetables, ambient, chilled and frozen products as well as toiletries.

The pantry has been running mainly by volunteers, offering people opportunities to gain valuable work experience and build confidence. The funding that has been used for this project was to purchase for a fridge, freezer and shelving to ensure that food could be stored safely and securely for the project

NDST have worked with SMBC Public Health to review working practices and social distancing requirements in the delivery of the project in view of COVID-19.

The group were awarded CIL funding of £2,577.62

North smethwick development trust

Soho Albion

Soho Albion Football Development

Soho Albion is a community organisation and aims to provide affordable footballing opportunities to some of the most deprived areas in the West Midlands.

Soho Albion applied for CIL funding to purchase football equipment for their Soho Albion Football Development project.

The aim of the sessions is to attract the next generation of football coaches by delivering football sessions at Hadley stadium in Smethwick. The organisation works with around 15-25 people at age ranges between 14-18-year olds.

The CIL funding helped purchase football equipment - including footballs, speed rings, goal posts and captain arm bands.

The group were awarded CIL funding of £759.03

Deaf World

England Cricket Association for the Deaf (ECAD) Midlands Cricket Project

Deaf Word is a registered charity (1127458) since January 2009.

Deaf World Smethwick have received CIL funding which has enabled them to set up an England Cricket Association for the deaf (ECAD) as there were currently no teams in the West Midlands.

This project was developed through suggestions and a consultation with young people and has been led by young people in association with Deaf World HIYP, ECAD and England Cricket Board ECB.
Deaf World Smethwick purchased cricket equipment (such as pads, gloves, bats, helmets) to support this new Association. The equipment has allowed the young people to practice and play matches in regional cricket leagues such as the T20 Tournament between North, Midlands & South.

This project has made a significant difference in young people lives as has enabled them to:
• Gain confidence and enhance general well being
• Engage in a physical activity regularly
• Enhance social and communication skills
• Have a sense of belonging and be part of a team
• Learn how to manage a sporting club and take responsibility
• Enable to explore options for coaching
• Assist in the development of cricket for the Deaf across the region

The group were awarded CIL funding of £2,250.34

Deaf World

Singh Sabha FC

Singh Sabha FC

Singh Sabha FC was established in 2001 and currently has several active football teams ranging from an under 7’s team to an adult team.

The Club based in Smethwick welcomes all people from a diverse community and provides opportunities for young people to access football sessions free of charge and adults to access football for a minimal charge.

The CIL funding approved for Singh Sabha will enable the Club to purchase new football equipment and will allow the football sessions to re-start when COVID-19 Government guidelines allow.

The group were awarded CIL funding of £1,568.13.

Singh sabha

Cape Community Day Care Centre

Cape Community Day Care Centre kitchen and safety equipment

Cape Community Day Care Centre is an established Day Care Centre of over 27 years run by a volunteer team.  The Organization supports bringing vulnerable beneficiaries from local migrant communities together.

Many of the beneficiaries have a mental and/or a physical disability and are elderly. The organization also offer a seasonal Youth Creation Youth Club.

Due to COVID-19 regulations the number of people able to use the services is severely affected when the Day Care Centre has re-opened.

To reduce the impact this will have on these vital service Cape Community Day Care Centre have received Community Infrastructure Levy funding to purchase room dividers, hand sanitizer and to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on service users.

The CIL funding has also allowed the organization to purchase a new cooker which has helped with enabling the group to cook and supply healthy meals to the vulnerable

The group were awarded CIL funding of £3,832.98

Cape community care

African French Speaking Community Support (AFSCS)

training room computing equipment

African French Speaking Community Support have received CIL funding to upgrade their training room with 6 computers and one printer.

This new ICT equipment will support residents to gain new digital skills. Giving residents confidence to go online for various reasons, such as: shopping, filling in forms, internet banking, using zoom, Skype, Microsoft teams, face book and supporting children as well.

The project aims to support numerous residents with limited English and poor digital skills, with completing online applications, including Universal Credit, council tax reduction, housing benefits and job searches. Furthermore, the free delivery of basic computer and digital skills classes will be undertaken by permanent staff at the organisation and volunteers.

The group were awarded CIL funding of £3,358.74

African French speaking

The Abrahamic Foundation

Move On Up

CIL funding was approved for the Abrahamic Foundation as a contribution towards the repair of their lift which has been out of action for the last 5-6 years. The organisation is based on the High Street in Smethwick.

When the lift is repaired this will enable disabled people and people with mobility issues to access all areas of the building again.

From when the lift is repaired. This will enable more people into the community centre as the top floor will be accessible again. This will lead to local people taking part in more activities and sessions such as a youth club, adult learning courses and fun days etc.

The group were awarded CIL funding of £3,323.40.

The Abrahamic Foundation

Bearwood Community Hubs CIC

Bearwood Work Space

Bearwood Community Hub is a well-established group that delivers activities to support a range of age groups and people in the Community at a Church building in Smethwick.

CIL funding has been approved for a Project to set up co-working space on Bearwood High Street that enables local people to start up or grow micro businesses and enterprises and to reduce the isolation that people feel when working from home.

The CIL funding will be used to purchase furniture and items to help set up the co-working space.

The group were awarded CIL funding of £4,329.60

Bearwood Community Hubs

Friends of Thimblemill Library 

Noticeboard replacement 

Friends of Thimblemill Library is a well-established organisation since it began in May 1966. It aims to improve opportunities for access to learning and services for residents of the area and to promote and enhance the use of Thimblemill Library

Friends of Thimblemill Library has received CIL funding to purchase a new noticeboard which is located outside the library.

By purchasing a new noticeboard, the organisation will notify people that the library is open and will advertise what activities The Friends of Thimblemill Library will be putting on. They are looking to attract new members to enjoy all of the facilities at the library. 

The CIL funding has helped supply and the install the new metal notice board.

The group were awarded CIL funding of £1884.44

Friends of thimblemill library


Bearwood Home Gardeners and Allotment Association

Replacement of roof to main storage unit / meeting space, usually known as ‘the shop’

Bearwood Allotment Association is an Allotment group that offer the benefits of healthy outdoor activity and food production to all members of the Association.  There are over 110 plots that make up Bearwood Allotments.

The Association have received CIL funding for the replacement of roofs to 2 adjoining buildings. Unfortunately, the organisation has suffered with break-ins around 8 times over the past 12 months.

With the replacement of the roofs, the group look to prevent people from breaking into the buildings. By having more secure storage the group intend to undertake open days and attract new members to rent plots.

The group were awarded CIL funding of £4,320.00.

Special Olympics Sandwell 

Aim High & Achieve 

Special Olympics Sandwell was set up in January 1983 to provide sporting opportunities for people with intellectual / learning disabilities aged 7 years and over. Special Olympics Sandwell are an accredited Branch of SOGB (Special Olympics Great Britain).

Special Olympics Sandwell applied for funding to purchase new Athletics, Kwik Cricket and Badminton equipment.

This has enabled the organisation to offer a wider choice of sports for the community.

The Group were awarded CIL funding of £2,960.93.

Special olympics



St Johns Community Centre

Improvement to the St Johns Community Hall.

St Johns Community Centre is a small community centre based in Smethwick where various groups use the facilities to attend different activities such as ‘Knit and Knatter’, Scout groups etc. The organisation also hires out the hall for parties, Christenings, weddings etc.
St Johns Community Centre have been successful in receiving CIL funding for 2 new double doors at the front and rear which are the main access points to the hall. 

The current doors are old and fragile and due to this the organisation has suffered with attempted break-ins.

The new doors form part of a refurbishment plan for the hall, as the group has decorated inside.

With the replacement of the 2 new double doors and makeover, the aim is to make the building more secure and to attract new community groups/members to join in the activities.

The group were awarded CIL funding of £1,237.03


Going Online

SPMA is a registered charity that serves the needs of the local community by providing a mixture of different services.

SPMA has received CIL funding to purchase tablets and tablet covers which has enabled them to run ICT sessions free of charge for the community. 

The sessions will help the local community to learn how to use tablets and to navigate the digital world by developing ICT skills

The group were awarded CIL funding of £2,756.88

Sur Sangam Music And Arts

New musical instrument equipment

Sur Sangam Music and Arts is a small organisation that teach the community to sing and play instruments. 

The organisation has been successful in receiving CIL funding to purchase a sound system. This will enable them to put on performances at Windmill Community Centre, as well as improving their rehearsal activities.

These items have allowed the group to showcase the members skills by putting on extra performances for the community. 

The group were awarded CIL funding of £1,431.69.















Borough-wide projects

Smethwick is also benefiting from a number of borough-wide projects funded by town grants.

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