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About Town Grants

As part of the council's commitment to the voluntary and community sector, and to help ensure the council responds positively to good ideas coming from residents, local community and voluntary organisations, Sandwell Council operates a 'small town grants' programme.

Sandwell Council is keen that residents get involved in helping to achieve our ambitions for the future. We want to actively work with our local voluntary organisations and community groups and invite you to share your ideas and projects with us. 

Town Grants will be accessible through a single application process and one set of forms. Applications for Town Grants should support our 2030 Vision and Town Plans. 

Each year, the Town Grants criteria is agreed by a Cabinet Member and the six Town Chair Members based on the priorities within each of the six Town Plans, which all support the council's ambitions for Sandwell. 

Examples of funding

  • Support to purchase equipment to deliver a community activity, e.g. play group, youth club, kits for sporting activities/events
  • Support to plan and deliver local events in parks or other local venues
  • Support to young people to engage in positive activities, be safe, healthy, empowered and make positive lifestyle choices
  • Tackle issues that help reduce crime and anti-social behaviour 
  • Improve health and wellbeing
  • Improving community cohesion and integration and improving equality
  • Preventative and early interventions with vulnerable persons that may reduce the need for statutory social care
  • Measures to address poverty or that improve the financial wellbeing of individuals or communities in need.

If you want more information regarding Town Grants or you are interested in applying please contact our officers by emailing