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Public Consultation

Community Infrastructure Levy

Certain aspects of Town Grants funding is covered by the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), any funding applications covered by CIL requires public consultation for a period of 14 days before a decision can be made.

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Project Code: SMK08

Project name: Bearwood Works Space

Survey Duration from: 29th March 2021 until 12th April 2021

Project Details:

Bearwood Community Hub have applied for CIL funding to set up co-working space on Bearwood High Street. The new co-working space will enable local people to start up or grow micro businesses and enterprises. This will reduce isolation that people feel when working from home.

The co-working space will be chargeable to those who wish to use it but may be open for users to pay for their space in volunteer time.  Freelancers and micro-businesses will be charged between £5 and £10 a day and more established businesses may pay a premium for a corporate or group membership. This income will be re-used by the Organisation to support the operational activities of Bearwood Community Hub as a charity.

Bearwood Community Hub will also work with the Black Country Consortium to provide direct and easy access to small business and social enterprise to enable development and growth support.

Bearwood Community Hub have contributed £1,770.40 match funding to the Project so far.

Amount of CIL funding being requested £4,329.64

You can complete the survey and comment on the application by clicking here