Public Consultation

Community Infrastructure Levy

Certain aspects of Town Grants funding is covered by the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), any funding applications covered by CIL requires public consultation for a period of 14 days before a decision can be made.

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Rowley Regis

Project Code: ROW01

Project Name: Bumble hole Conservation Group

Survey Duration From: 20th November 2020 - 4th December 2020

Project Details:

Bumble hole Conservation Group are requesting CIL funding to purchase equipment for the maintenance and improvement of Warrens Hall Nature Reserve and The Bumble Hole Nature Reserve.

The size of the Nature reserve requires constant maintenance to keep it attractive, clean and safe for visitors of all ages.

The Bumble hole Conservation Group have existing equipment that is well used and in some cases in need of replacement due to overuse/ damage.

The purchase of further equipment would allow the team of 16 volunteers to maintain the Nature reserve more easily and would prevent the area from becoming overgrown and less attractive to residents.

Amount of funding being requested: £1,023.94. 

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Project Code: ROW02

Project Name: Rowley Regis Disability Centre

Survey Duration From: 2nd December 2020 - 16th December 2020

Project Details:
Rowley Regis Disability Centre are requesting for CIL funding to replace internal and external doors to their community building and make the building more secure.

Rowley Regis Disability Centre has had repeated attempted break in and vandalism to the building in particular to the front doors in recent years. The condition of the front doors has now deteriorated and the weather strips are also in a poor condition.

The group would like assistance to replace these double doors to the front entrance and install a metal shutter to prevent any further damage.

The centre also has a second set of glass doors which lead into the main room that are potentially dangerous and broken and could cause access issues for people with mobility issues.

The group would like to replace these internal doors with a new set of doors which would allow more room for people with disabilities to enter the room safely and removes the risks the current door pose.

Amount of funding being requested: £3,166.00

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