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Public Consultation

Community Infrastructure Levy

All applications for grants funded by Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) require a public consultation.  The applications will be posted on this page for 14 days so that the local community can comment on the proposal.

Comment by survey

You can complete the survey and comment on applications

Please remember to include the project code as well as the project name for your comments to be valid and considered.

The list of current consultations available to comment on and view are listed below.




West Bromwich


Project Name: Replacement of roof to main storage unit / meeting space, usually known as ‘the shop'

Survey Duration From: 27th June 2022 – 11th July 2022

Project Details:

Bearwood Allotment Association is an Allotment group that offer the benefits of healthy outdoor activity and food production to all members of the Association.  There are over 110 plots that make up Bearwood Allotments.

Bearwood Allotment Association are requesting CIL funding for the replacement of the ‘shop and adjoining roof’. Unfortunately, the organisation has suffered with break-ins around 8 times over the past 12 months.

With the replacement of the roof and adjoining roof this will aim to prevent people from being able to break-in to the Allotment shop, store allotment items, undertake open days and attract new members to rent plots.

Amount of CIL funding being requested is £4,320.00



Project Name: Village Green

Survey Duration From: 5th July 2022 – 19th July 2022

Project Details:

The Friends of Goldicroft Park have recently been established in response to the proposed development on Goldicroft Park. Local residents have come together to prevent development and encourage further/ additional use of this key green space.

They intend to develop a timetable of activities for the next 12 months. These include nature activities, organising football and cricket matches and holding sessions led by organisations such as Groundworks, Black Country Moving and Creative Active Lives.

The group have requested funding to purchase sporting equipment for football, cricket and rounders; event equipment such as a gazebo, a generator and speaker, as well as some basic gardening equipment.

Amount of CIL funding being requested is £914.57

Rowley Regis