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Moving to Universal Credit - Help and advice

Managing Your Money support

What is Managing Your Money support?

Managing Your Money support helps claimants adapt to three key changes that Universal Credit (UC) brings:

  • a single household payment
  • which is paid monthly
  • with the UC housing element paid directly to the claimant - so the claimant will then be required to pay their rent to their landlord themselves

Managing Your Money will support claimants who need help managing their money and paying their bills on time as they transition onto UC. In Sandwell this is being provided by the Welfare Rights Team.

Who can be referred?

Managing Your Money will be offered to all UC claimants when they make a new claim to UC. Claimants will be offered this service during their initial work focused interview by their work coach.

In addition, a range of other claimants will be offered support before they make their UC claim. For example, if your are struggling with rent or signing up for a new tenancy with Sandwell Council (setting the budget for a new home up on a firm footing from the very beginning)

Anyone can make a referral:

Anyone can refer direct into this service – whether you work in the voluntary and community sector, the council or any other Sandwell organisation

Contact the Welfare Rights Advice Line 0121 569 3158 or email Welfare Rights

How will this be delivered?

There are 2 elements to Managing Your Money

  • Money Advice – to help claimants cope and manage their money on a monthly basis, ensuring that they pay their bills are time and understand the important of priority payments for example Rent First.
  • Alternative Payment Arrangements – this is for claimants who cannot manage the single monthly payment and there is a risk of financial harm to the claimant and/or their family

We will deliver this advice over the phone, face to face and support and encourage on-line support using Money Manager and BetterOff Sandwell. We will offer claimants who require additional support, single or multiple money advice session’s over the phone and provide follow up support.

The claimant will be offered support with the following:

  • Basic household budget (priority payments)
  • Set up a transactional bank account
  • How to set up and manage direct debits
  • Help with getting identification
  • Manage a bank account
  • Benefit maximisation
  • Water Assure Tariff
  • Local Welfare Provision (LWP)
  • Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP)
  • Debt advice
  • Signposting to other services such as employment support, help getting on-line etc


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