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Your Albion BIDS bill explained | Sandwell Council

Your Albion BIDS bill explained

Albion bids bill

1.    This is a number produced when the bills are printed. It is for Sandwell’s use only. Please do not quote this number in your correspondence with us. 

2.    The date that the bill was produced and issued to you.

3.    This is the financial year that the levy notice relates to. 

4.    The barcode is used by our Cashier's service if you pay your bill with them. The barcode ensures that your payment goes to the correct account.

5.    The name and address of the person or company responsible for paying the levy.

6.    Your BIDS account number. Please quote this number whenever you contact us about your BIDS payments. 

7.    The Rateable Value is the amount that the Valuation Office estimate that your property could reasonably be let for on an annual basis.

8.    Your annual BIDS levy is worked out by multiplying the Rateable Value of your property by the levy multiplier set by the BIDS company.

9.    This is the address that the BIDS levy shown on the bill is payable for.

10.    This is the reason that the bill has been sent out to you.

11.    A breakdown of how your bill is made up.

12.    The amount payable for each part of the make up of your bill. 

13.    This is the total amount that you need to pay. If the amount is followed by the letters CR, your account is in credit and you can contact us for a refund.

14.    The reference number that we give to your property. The letters ‘NN’ indicate that it is a business premises. The rest of the number is the reference number as provided by the Valuation Office.

15.    This is the description of your property as shown on the Valuation Office Rating List.

16.    The monthly payments that you need to make and the date that they need to be made by. Any arrears or amounts outstanding from previous years are not included in these instalments and should be paid as previously arranged. You can make your payments online by going to our Business Rates payment page.