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School funding

Section 251 outturn statements

It is a statutory duty that LAs must publish their "budget" and "outturn" statements as and when prescribed in the section 251 regulations.

The size of the Schools Budget, and the amounts to be allocated to each factor depend on budget decisions taken by the LA before the beginning of each financial year, so budget statements are the means of informing schools and the public in general about the funding plans of the LA.

The outturn statement at the end of the year is intended to provide schools, parents and others with an interest in education, with details about school and LA expenditure.

  • Provide data for the Departmental Annual Report (DAR);
  • Inform policy making;
  • Inform the treasury for monitoring purposes;
  • Inform Parliament in its role of monitoring the Department's accountability for public funds.

Outturn statements

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