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Pupil referral units

Specialist units

Sandwell Community School
Westminster Road
West Bromwich
West Midlands
B71 2JN
Telephone: 0121 533 5802

Tipton Campus is a provision with 35 places that offers support to key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 students. Places are available for students who are hard to reach and have a vulnerability that makes it difficult for them to access their education at one of the other four behavioural Campuses that form part of Sandwell Community School. The students come from schools across the borough that have been excluded or are at risk of being excluded.

Students are provided with a personalised timetable and work closely with their allocated mentor. Staff also work closely with parents to enable their children to have positive outcomes, both educationally, socially and moving on to work or training.  

Albright Education Centre
South Tipton Campus
Alexandra Road
West Midlands
Telephone: 0121 533 5806

The Centre is Sandwell's Home and Hospital Tuition Service. 

The Service consists of three parts:-

  • Capacity for 40 pupils
  • Home-tuition service
  • School room at Sandwell General Hospital catering for school-age patients

Pupils are referred to the Service:-

  • When they have difficulty attending school because of medical reasons these may be physical, psychological or psychiatric.

Teaching staff, a counsellor and therapists provide a safe and supportive environment where pupils can achieve their potential academically, emotionally and socially. The Centre offers a broad, balanced curriculum which is flexible, specific to the individual's needs and prepares young people to move successfully into further education, training or the workplace.

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