OfSTED/CQC Information

Action Planning for Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

In March 2019 the Sandwell area was visited by OfSTED and The Care Quality Commission (CQC) to monitor our progress towards the goals identified in our recent SEND action plan .

They found that Sandwell had made sufficient progress to allow for the lifting of the requirement for a written statement of action and the ceasing of monitoring visits by OfSTED and the CQC.

Click here to see the letter from OfSTED and the CQC about the progress made in Sandwell.

Multi-Agency Conference

As part of the improvement journey a multi-agency conference was held recently to look at some of the areas for development identified in the SEND inspection. Click on the links below to see some videos of the day:

A Department for Education presentation on improving the quality of Education Health and Care Plans

A Changing Young Lives presentation on the co-production of Education Health and Care Plans

A presentation by Sandwell Parent Voice on what the statutory SEND process looks like from a parent's perspective