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Home education

Some parents choose to educate their children at home. You can find out more about the law and home schooling on the Government's website.

Sandwell Council supports parents who educate their children at home by providing advice and guidance. We also assess parents to make sure they are providing a satisfactory level of education by home schooling.

Home educated children must receive full-time education from the start date of what would be the school term following their fifth birthday. They must then be educated until the last Friday in June of Year 11. A child who is aged 16 between September and 31 August is of compulsory school age until the last Friday of June in that year.

If your child is in school and you decide to home educate them, you must formally de-register by writing to the headteacher telling them that you intend to teach your child at home. Your child will then be removed from the roll and the headteacher will inform the council.

If your child has never been to school, you do not have to take any action before you start educating them at home - but if you could let us know, we can make sure your child's record is updated to prevent a school place being allocated for him or her.

If your child has a statement of Special Educational Needs / Education Health and Care Plan, and attends a special school, you must inform the Local Authority to de-register your child from school. Pupils with a statement of Special Educational Needs / Education Health and Care Plan can be educated at home providing the Local Authority (Special Education Needs team) judges the arrangements to be appropriate for the child's age, ability and aptitude.

If you home school your children, or if you are thinking about home education, please email or call us on 0121 569 8147 for advice and support. [Home Education ONLY - all other enquiries please see below]

Other Education Contact numbers - 

Contact us by telephone

You can also download the Local Authority's elective home education policy.

Elective Home Education - Your Duties, Our Expectations

Other services for home educated children

Connexions Sandwell is a service for 13 to 19-year-olds providing advice and guidance on jobs, training, careers, health and leisure activities.

Connexions has a dedicated personal advisor for home educated children. Support we can offer includes arranging work experience, advocating on your child's behalf, supporting your child's social development and providing general advice. The support your child will receive is free and will continue until they are 19. Children who have a Statement of Educational Needs will continue to receive a Connexions service until they are 25.

It's very important that home educated children who are now in Year 11 understand what post 16 options are available to them. Children in Year 10 and 11 may also wish to take up work experience and those in Year 9 may need some information about future career choices. As a parent you may also be concerned about how your child will gain qualifications if they are not in school.

For advice from Connexions' dedicated personal adviser for home educated children, contact Shirley Wright on 07855 037346 or 0121 569 2955.

Work experience

Young people need the opportunity to go on work experience to develop their work related learning skills. If your home educated child is in Year 10 onwards they can legally attend work experience.

The Education Business Partnership supports schools with their work experience programmes and can extend this service free of charge to children that are electively home educated.

We can also visit the company to carry out a health, safety and safeguarding check before they start.

For advice from about arranging work experience for your home educated child, contact Fiona Stone on 0121 569 2347.