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Commonwealth Games Permits

Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games –  Sandwell Aquatics Centre Residents Parking Scheme

Events taking place at the Sandwell Aquatics Centre during the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games will attract many visitors with increased traffic in the area. To help maintain access for residents and prevent spectator parking during this busy period, a residents parking scheme will be in place from 28 July to 8 August 2022. 

If your property is within the controlled parking area (view permit zone map) where the residents permit scheme will be operating, to ensure you can continue to park on your road you will be required to display a residents parking permit in your vehicle. Parking permits will be free of charge. 

You must apply for a permit for your vehicle if parking on the highway. Permits can be obtained by completing the online application or, in person at one of the drop-in sessions listed below:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a parking permit?

You can apply via the website 

Permits will only be issued to residents who can provide the following evidence:

Proof of address such as utility bill, V5 Document and car insurance certificate of schedule.

Proof of Residency

  • Current Council Tax Bill or,
  • Driving Licence or,
  • Utility Bill dated within the last 3 months.

Proof of Vehicle at Address
This information MUST provide the vehicle registration and the keeper’s name and address.

  • Log Book and Insurance Schedule or,
  • Hire/Lease contract and Insurance Schedule or,
  • Sales Invoice and Insurance Schedule

When will I receive my permits?

Parking permits are currently being hand delivered and you will receive yours shortly. 

Blue Badge Holders

Unless you are a resident who has applied for a permit, Blue Badge Holders will not be permitted to park on the highways within the entire parking enforcement zone.

Visitors Permits

Sandwell Council is committed to ensuring that all care and wellbeing visits provided by professional carers and family members are not impacted by the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games road restriction and parking enforcement.

To ensure that your carers or family members can access your property between the 28 of July to 8 August, we request that residents provide sufficient evidence or details of care to Sandwell Council’s Parking Team. Please email or

For any concerns or emergencies during the games relating to parking please call 0121 569 4051.

Care Providers Visits - To qualify for a visiting permit we will require the following details:

  • Care providers details
  • Care receiver’s details
  • Number and times of visit per day

Family Wellbeing Visits – To qualify for a family wellbeing visiting permit you will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Sandwell Council will require the nature, description and any supporting evidence of wellbeing requirements that you wish to provide as well as the following information:

  • Vehicle registrations if there is no off-street parking
  • Dates and times between the 28 of July to 8 August for any proposed wellbeing visits.

Please note, to ensure that we maintain safety and security for our residents’ safety, during the schedules times for competition events there will be a limited number of visiting permits issued.

Family Visits - During the Commonwealth Games, if you have family visit your property and they do not have off-street parking, they will need to seek parking outside of the LAPP Zone and enter the property on foot or using public transport.

Off-street parking - Visiting permits are only required for on-street parking and are not required for any off-street parking. So, visitors can visit your property and park within the blue zone if they can park on off-street parking.     

If you live within the orange zone (Manor Road and Londonderry Road), we are requesting that all residents apply for a permit and to display it at all times to ensure that vehicles can easily pass through the vehicle control checkpoints.

Roads that will require a parking permit during the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

Below is a map which shows which roads will require parking permits during the Games.

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Residents who live within the Orange Zone

All properties within the Orange Zone need to apply for parking permits and have them displayed within their vehicles from 28 July to 8 August to ensure that they can pass through West Midlands Polices Vehicle Controlled Checkpoints.

At certain points when the events are taking place, such as when spectators are entering or leaving the Sandwell Aquatics Centre, vehicle access within the Orange Zones will be limited ensure the safety and safeguarding of pedestrians.

Schedule for Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games competition is as follows:

Swimming events

Friday 29 July – Wednesday 3 of August (6 Days)

Morning Session – 10.30-12.30

Afternoon Session – 7pm-10pm

Diving events

Thursday 4 August – Monday 8 August (5 Days)

Thursday 4 August

Morning Sessions –  1pm-3.30pm

Afternoon Session – 6pm-9pm

Friday 5 August – Saturday 6 August

Morning Sessions –  10am-1pm

Afternoon Session – 6pm-9pm

Sunday 7 August

Morning Sessions –  10am-1pm

Afternoon Session – 5.30pm-8.30pm

Monday 8 August

Morning Sessions – 10am-1pm

4. How many permits can each household have?

There is no limit on the number of parking permits per household, so long as evidence can be provided that the vehicle is registered and has insurance for a property within the enforced roads.

5. I need additional Permits

If additional permits are required for vehicles registered to your address, please call 0121 569 4051 or email or to make this request and this can be added to your MiPermit account.

6. MiPermit states ‘No Permits available’

When you have registered your account select ‘Buy Digital Permits’. This will then load all permit types. You are applying for a ‘Sandwell Commonwealth Games’ permit not a ‘Residents’ permit. This is the 3rd option.

7. I have off-street parking, do I need a permit?

If you have off-street parking and your vehicle will not be parked on the Highway for any period between 28 July – 8 August a permit is not required. It is, however, highly recommended for seamless journey and passing through check points that a free of charge permit is obtained.

8. Will I be able to receive deliveries?

All liveried and delivery vehicles will be provided with access within the zone.

9. What if I am having work done to the house and trades need access?

Any pre-arranged works can continue, please contact the Permit Team on 0121 569 4051 or providing the dates of these works and the vehicle registration so that dispensation can be arranged.

10. Will emergency works vehicles be able to gain access?

If emergency works are required to be carried out access will be provided however, we ask that you contact the Permits Team as soon as possible so we can arrange any dispensation required.

11. Will health workers and carers who make daily be able to access?

Any NHS healthcare workers will be provided with an authorised document from their employer. This will need to be displayed on the vehicle, if parked on the Highway, whilst carrying out the visit.

12. Can carers provide evidence to get a permit? If so, what evidence do they need?

Carers will need to contact the Permits Team on 0121 569 4051 or providing the visit times, days and where possible the registration of the vehicle.

13. Will there be traffic wardens covering the edges of the zone that don't need a parking permit? 

Civil Enforcement Officers will be patrolling both within the zone and the surrounding roads however, outside of the zone, Penalty Charge Notices can only be issued where restrictions are in place.

14. Do people need a permit to access the vets within the zone?

A permit is not required to attend the vets however, evidence of appointment will be required. If this is an emergency, consideration will be applied accordingly.

15. I'm a support worker in this area. If I'm visiting service users’ houses, would I need a permit?

Support workers carrying out pre-arranged appointments within the zone will need to provide evidence of the location being visited, time/date and vehicle registration to or by calling 0121 569 4051.

16. Are taxis allowed to drive into the zone?

Taxis, if stopped at check points/barriers will need to provide evidence of the job and will then be provided with access to the zone. Taxis will not be permitted to park within the zone for any other purposes other than picking up/dropping off passengers

17. Can I drive through the zone for work?

You will be able to pass through the blue zone but you will not be able to park or stop on the Highway.

18. Will buses still be running?

Buses will still be in operation with diversions in place. View details and maps online.