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Road Safety

Road Safety Partnership Campaigns

Road Safety partnership campaigns within Primary, Secondary schools and Colleges

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email or telephone Karen Hale on 07765 898687

Safer arrival at school campaign 'Be Cool, walk to School'

Available for any key stage or year group

Getting children to school and home again safely can cause stress and anxiety and concerns are often raised by schools, parents and residents regarding traffic congestion and irresponsible parking near to schools. The safety of children is paramount, and everyone needs to work in partnership to make the areas around schools as safe as possible.

We can work with schools to launch a parking campaign to raise awareness of these concerns to children and parents.

We are keen to encourage as many families as possible to walk to school. We will work with schools to create Park & Stride sites or the creation of a walking bus. At secondary school students are encouraged to walk or cycle to school. All these measures help to reduce congestion at the school gate and improve air quality.

Children can enter a competition to design banners and/or signs that can be placed on school railings and lighting columns to encourage increased walking to school, parking legally and responsibly and showing respect for resident’s driveways.

We work in partnership with our parking team and West Midlands Police to enforce illegal parking to minimize the risk of injury as parents/carers and children journey to and from school.

Please follow the link to learn more about parking restrictions, and the consequences of failing to park legally.

We can signpost schools to other organisations that can also support increased sustainable modes of traveling to school such as

Modeshift STARS

Community Speedwatch

Available for any key stage or year group

Reduced speeds around schools and the immediate area are key to the safety of everyone.

We strive to raise awareness to students and their families of the wide-ranging consequences of speeding, to their potential victim, the individual, their loved ones, their home and work life and their finances.

We work in partnership with West Midlands Police to engage pupils and young people to actively record the speed of passing vehicles using a speed radar gun. This enables the students to increase their judgement of speeds travelled, and West Midlands Police to contact any speeding offenders and make them aware of their speeds and consequences for the future.

Kids to Camera was developed as part of our Kids Court campaign with year 5 pupils from St. Matthews CE Primary school. The children state facts and ask hard hitting questions of speeding drivers to make them more aware of their actions and potentially life changing actions.

Drive 2 Arrive

Aimed at students in Year 12

Sandwell, Walsall, Wolverhampton, and Dudley Councils in conjunction with our partner agencies hold a young driver event at Bescot Stadium, Walsall to enable sixth form aged students to benefit from crucial driving messages.

Over 4 days 320 prospective new drivers from Sandwell, Walsall, Wolverhampton, and Dudley schools and Colleges will benefit from important information associated with becoming a responsible driver. During the day students will experience 5 interactive scenarios presented by West Midlands Fire Service (Casualty Reduction Team), Central Motorway Police Group, The Beacon (Young Person’s Substance Misuse Service) and Highways England.

Each student will also have a practical driving session with an instructor from the ‘Young Driver’ company.

The event is free to the school and students attending and the outcome of the day is to equip the students with knowledge to make them better, safer drivers and passengers and above all give them the confidence to speak out when they know that they are vulnerable and in a situation in which they feel uncomfortable

For the One I Love

Aimed at students from year 11 onwards

This campaign launched annually on Valentine’s Day has the focus of looking out for the one you love, be it a girlfriend, boyfriend, mates or family members. The campaign identifies the terrible consequences for drivers and passengers when things go wrong.

Sandwell, Walsall, Wolverhampton and Dudley Councils, remind young drivers of the potentially catastrophic consequences of inappropriate driving behaviour

The campaign through engaging discussion and a visually impactive display asks young drivers to take responsibility for their passengers. Coping strategies are discussed encouraging passengers to speak out if they find themselves in a situation in a car in which they feel uncomfortable