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Road Safety

Primary School Provisions

Early years Provision

We visit pre-school groups and nurseries to begin introducing very young children to the language of road safety.

Through storytelling, songs and interactive activities we familiarise children with safer crossing places and the importance of being seated in a child car seat.

KS1 & KS2 Provision

Road safety assemblies

We are available to deliver a road safety assembly in every school, key stage 1, key stage 2 or whole school. This allows us the opportunity to re-enforce vital road safety messages, respond to any changes in the school’s local area and support schools in ensuring children arrive safely at school.

Digital Road Safety (DRS)  

Digital Road Safety is website-based learning, based on recognised pedestrian training techniques which is available to all Sandwell schools completely free of charge. Increased knowledge can encourage walking to school and healthy lifestyles.

Research shows that children learn road safety best by being immersed in the environment. Aimed at year one and two, pupils view the road side from the unique viewpoint of the pedestrian and by looking right and left they are in a tangible situation.

Children learn how to manage driveways, an effective kerb drill, how to cross safely if necessary near parked cars, and how to cross safely near junctions.

Expect the Unexpected workshop

This is an interactive workshop aimed at children who hold leadership positions in school, such as safeguarding ambassadors, Junior PCSO school council members, prefects, buddies, peer mentors.

Children will have the opportunity through a hands-on activity and discussion to explore a specific area of road safety and then they will be encouraged with the aid of resources to cascade their learning to the rest of the school community.

Transition from Primary to Secondary School

It has been recognised that one of the most dangerous stages in a child's development is the transition from Primary to Secondary school.  Young people are often for the first time expected to travel independently and be responsible for their own decision making on their journey to school.

We can support year 6 classes in their endeavours to plan routes, remember road safety rules and manage distractions.

Using public transport? Check out Network for West Midlands for lots of useful information to make that journey safely by using The Transport for West Midlands (TfMW) Travel Choices Team.

Get in touch

For other road safety activities and opportunities not listed here, please see our Partnership campaigns

email or telephone Karen Hale on 07765 898687