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Planning policy

Grove Lane Masterplan Supplementary Planning Document

The Grove Lane Masterplan Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) is a key component of the council's regeneration proposals for Smethwick and the borough. The Masterplan sets out proposals which aim to assist in the regeneration of the areas adjacent to the new proposed Acute Hospital . As it was considered that the hospital development could not be considered in isolation

The Grove Lane area was identified as the location for the new Acute Hospital and outline planning permission was granted in 2008. To supplement the outline planning permission further consideration was given to the potential integration of the hospital proposals with the council's aspirations for the wider Grove Lane area as conveyed in the Smethwick Area Action Plan.

The council commissioned consultants to develop a deliverable masterplan for the Grove Lane area to the south of the proposed hospital site. The work undertaken by the consultants was in collaboration with the Council. With the end product being a deliverable regeneration scheme that responds to the needs of the borough and the surrounding local context.

Following on from the work undertaken by the consultants, it was considered that a SPD was required to provide guidance on the area's future development and design expectations. The SPD aims to set out a mix of acceptable land uses, the preferred locations and supplementary information such as access by a range of means, scale, massing and other design issues.

On the 29 November 2011, Sandwell Council adopted the Grove Lane Masterplan Supplementary Planning Document.

Grove Lane Masterplan Supplementary Planning Document and Adoption Statement

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