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West Bromwich Urban Greening

Eastern gateway

As part of the West Bromwich Town Investment Plan, the council is developing proposals for a Town Centre public realm scheme that will deliver new seating, a toddler play area, sustainable drainage solutions, new paving and increased green space along West Bromwich High Street and Bull Street. 
The aim of the project is to improve the look of Princess Parade, provide new outdoor leisure space, increase tree provision, making it better for shoppers, businesses and residents. 
The £1.22 million public realm scheme will also deliver a new green edge to Bull Street, providing a dedicated walking, cycling route with a tree lined nature corridor.  

Other benefits include the potential provision of a toddler play area on the High Street and the introduction of parklets along Princess Parade to improve the seating and dining offer. 
The Council would welcome comments on the early stage design ideas to help inform the scheme design which is due for commencement in Spring 2022. 
For further information please contact 

Public realm

We'd like to know your thoughts on the proposed design ideas. Do you like the idea of parklets? Would you like to see a toddler playground on the High Street? Should we improve the greenery in the Town Centre? Please email with your comments to using (Urban Greening) in the response by Monday 9 August 2021.

Urban Greening Public Consultation