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Work underway

Midland Metropolitan Hospital

Located on a 16.76-acre brownfield site on Grove Lane in Smethwick, the Midland Metropolitan Hospital is likely to be about seven storeys high and provide capacity for approximately 81,455 inpatients and 115,045 outpatients every year.

As part of the 'Right Care Right Here' programme, the Midland Metropolitan Hospital will provide state-of-the-art treatment and care for patients from Sandwell and across the region. The Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospital Trust said the £370 million hospital will become the civic heart of the area and a point of pride for the community.

The 670-bed hospital in Grove Lane is being built over 16 acres and will have approximately 80,000 square metres of floor space. The site in Smethwick was identified as the ideal location for the hospital following an extensive selection process.

The hospital is due for completion in 2022 and will:
• deliver improved health, education and training services;
• be an attractive and innovative flagship building for the area;
• act as a catalyst for further regeneration of Smethwick and
• create job opportunities.

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Midland Metropolitan Hospital












Commonwealth Games Aquatics Centre

aquatics centre

Windmill Eye Neighbourhood - Grove Lane