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West Bromwich Regeneration


West Bromwich town centre has undergone one of the largest regeneration programmes taking place anywhere in the West Midlands region. Hundreds of millions of pounds has been invested from the private and public sector in several schemes that provide the residents of and visitors to West Bromwich and Sandwell with the state of the art services and excellent opportunities they deserve.

Despite the difficult economic environment, Sandwell Council has remained committed to the regeneration of West Bromwich. Over the last 5 years, West Bromwich has seen the new West Bromwich Leisure Centre, Oak House restoration, Dartmouth Park restoration, public realm improvements, Queen's Square refurbishment, Lyng residential scheme, University Technical College, Urban 180 residential scheme and Oxford Road Supported Housing development.

The physical and economic regeneration of West Bromwich is visibly taking shape, but there is more to come. Such projects will inevitably result in some disruptions for residents, visitors and workers in West Bromwich, however every effort is being made to ensure these are kept to a minimum.

The West Bromwich regeneration programme will see:

  • Job opportunities
  • Further education opportunities
  • Investment opportunities from outside Sandwell
  • Better transport and pedestrian links
  • A safer place to live


Work Underway

Carters green improvements

Find out more about the regeneration for West Bromwich

What we have done so far

Urban 180 phase 1 complete

See the regeneration we have done in West Bromwich so far 

West Bromwich Area Action Plan


Partners working with us to deliver the projects

Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust


Find out more

For the latest news, pictures and up to date information on the regeneration of West Bromwich, keep an eye on this webpage. 

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