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Air quality

Monitoring of pollution levels

Certain air pollutants are routinely monitored to assess levels of pollution across the borough. The monitoring strategy has been developed and adapted over the years to prioritise pollutants which have been identified to have most risk of breaching the air quality objectives

This map and icons indicate locations where monitoring is carried out to establish levels of air pollution in Sandwell. Clicking on an a tube icon icon will reveal the historical pollution levels of nitrogen dioxide as described below.

View SMBC Nitrogen Dioxide Diffusion Tube Monitoring Results in a larger map

Levels of nitrogen dioxide are measured on a monthly basis and is undertaken using diffusion tubes which are a simple and inexpensive method of measuring air quality. The results are averaged over a year and then compared to the Government's Air Quality objective of 40microgrammes per cubic metre (ug/m3).

The whole of Sandwell has been declared as an Air Quality Management Area for Nitrogen Dioxide as there are several areas of the borough where pollution levels were found to be above acceptable levels.

Automatic monitoring stations provide more detailed real-time data but are more expensive to purchase and maintain. Consequently, there are fewer of these used by the council.

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