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Book a pest control treatment for bedbugs | Sandwell Council

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Book a pest control treatment for bedbugs

There is a charge for this service

The council offers a chargeable treatment for bedbug infestations in occupied (not empty) homes in Sandwell. If you would prefer, you can approach an independent pest control company.

Bedbugs love warmth. Adults are oval and around 5mm long by 3mm wide. A hungry bedbug is flat and red-brown in colour. Once it has fed it changes to a dark mahogany and becomes
rounder. If you have bedbugs you may be able to smell a musty odour which they produce from their scent glands.

They are transported in clothing, luggage, books and furniture – in fact anything they can hide in. They come out at night when hungry and bites leave specks of blood on the skin. A bite may not show up for 24 hours. A single female can produce 400 to 500 eggs.

What you should do

  • Seek professional help and where possible keep samples for identification.
  • Vacuum every day including sides and seams of mattresses and furniture, skirting boards and floors.
  • Empty the vacuum or the bag immediately and dispose of outside in a sealed container or bag.
  • Wash sheets, pillow cases and any other bedding and put them in a hot dryer for at least 30 minutes.
  • When carrying out any pest treatment yourself always read the container’s label before you buy to make sure it is suitable and follow the instructions carefully.

Before your visit to treat bedbugs

Here are some important instructions you need to be aware of if your home is being treated for bedbugs. Failure to follow this guidance may could mean the treatment will fail.
Before your visit:

  • Please remove all bedding and bed clothes from the beds so they can be washed to remove insects
  • If possible please collect bedbug samples to show to the pest control officer
  • If no evidence of bedbugs is found this can result in refusal of treatment
  • Remove any clutter from the floor allowing access to carpet and skirting boards
  • Remove all personal items from the room
  • Remove any items from under the bed or from draws if the bed has them
  • Vacuum all rooms to be treated on the morning of visit
  • Remove pets from rooms and keep them away while the room dries.

During the treatment

  • Shoes must be worn
  • You will be asked to stay out of rooms while they are being treated.

After the treatment

  • Leave rooms to dry for a couple of hours
  • Do not allow small children or pets into the treated rooms until dry 
  • Keep a six-inch clear gap around all beds
  • Do not vacuum for two weeks
  • It is important the beds are slept in after the treatment for it to be effective
  • Do not replace any beds until 12 weeks after initial treatment
  • Bites may still occur after the treatment
  • A treatment lasts for 12 weeks
  • Exotic pets such as spiders, lizards and snakes should not be allowed on any sprayed surface for three months.

Book a pest control treatment for a bedbug problem