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Dog fouling

Dog mess binDog mess is a nuisance that upsets many people when it gets on their shoes and it's a public health hazard, particularly to children who play at parks and play areas.

We find this unacceptable and are sure you do too. It also unfairly gives responsible dog owners a bad name and costs council taxpayers' money to clean up.

We know the vast majority of dog owners clean up after their dogs, but sadly a small number do not.



People who do not clean up after their dogs in Sandwell face getting a £100 fine.

If people choose not to pay the fine, they face a bigger fine if convicted at court.

Dog fouling stencilOur waste partner Serco has painted temporary stencils on pavements at numerous locations where there have been lots of reports of dog fouling over the past year, to urge people to clean it up.

We've also given out thousands of free dog mess bags to dog owners.

How you can help?

We ask for your help in tackling this problem by reporting dog mess and telling us who is not clearing up after their dog.

This will help us to take action against irresponsible dog owners and also get the mess cleaned up.

If you see someone who doesn't clean up after their dog and wish to report them, the following information would be helpful to us:

  • Time and date the offence was committed
  • Precise location of the offence
  • Description of the person in charge of the dog, including clothing worn
  • Identity of the person, if known, and how you know them
  • Description of the dog concerned and dog's name, if known
  • What you observed at the time of the offence
  • Any conversation that may have taken place

All of this information is of great value to the investigating officer and increases the likelihood of a conviction.

Please contact us with information on dog mess and who is not cleaning up after their dog by: