Museums for schools - Key Stage 1 (KS1) activities

Victorian time travelling at Haden Hill House

Victorian time travelling enables children to travel back to Victorian times and visit the house long ago, meeting real Victorian characters to learn about toys and homes. Staff are in character and children are all given a costume.

Children dress in costume and visit characters who lived at Haden Hill House in Victorian times. The children learn about 'Houses and Homes in the Past' and 'Old Toys' through looking at 'then and now' and similarity and difference.

This session is very different from that delivered for KS2 and has been specifically designed for children at KS1. The focus of the sessions are 'Houses and Homes in the Victorian times' and 'Toys in Victorian times' this is looked at through emphasis on 'then and now' and similarity and difference'.

If you would like to spend a full day on just one of these themes then contact us and we can look at how we can adapt the session for your needs. 

The children undertake two sessions in full costume. The children are asked to imagine that they are time-travellers. They will meet two characters from Vicorian times, who will take them back in time to visit Haden Hill House 150 years ago. The children will experience hands-on activities which will illustrate the similarities and differences between Victorian times and today.

The session focuses on themes such as; lack of electricity and the implications of this, that nothing was wasted, that things were made from natural material, that there was no running water, and that people had to make things work by hand and use their immagination when playing with toys.

The children will all make things which they can bring back to school.

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