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Loan boxes and outreach

Using objects in the classroom is a great way to learn about the past and to inspire creative learning across the curriculum. Our world is full of 'things' so why not learn using the things which people long ago left behind. Loan boxes are also great for discussion work, problem solving, cerative writing and much more!

If you are planning a visit to one of our schools sessions then it is a good idea to use the handling collection after your visit. The collections can also be used on their own in school.

Our collections are £2.05 per day (£1 for the Greeks) and have guidance notes on using objects and some with ideas for sessions provided.

Please note: We can provide a confirmation of price, and a till receipt and accept cash or cheques only for handling collections. We are not able to provide full invoices.

Loaned from Haden Hill House - 01384 569 444

  1. Victorian Laundry
  2. Victorian Social (new and improved for 2014)
  3. Home Front- World War II (This has an online teacher/pupil resource)
  4. 1930s
  5. The Greeks (replica)
  6. The Romans (replica)
  7. The Anglo-Saxons (replica)

Loaned from Oak House - 0121 553 0759

  1. Tudors (replica)

Loaned from Wednesbury Museum 0121 556 0683

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