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Sandwell at war

What was in the news, June 1915

The crowds at military funerals

A military funeral in Tipton is such a novelty that the huge crowd of people that assembled is detrimental to the good order and decorum associated with the sacredness of a burial ground. On Sunday a swarm of people, variously estimated at from three to four thousand, waited outside the cemetery gates.

The immense concourse of people who had gathered thought that they had the right to see the final obsequies – the firing of the rifles and the bugle notes of ‘The Last Post’. The crowds broke through the gates and at least a thousand persons gained the cemetery grounds. In such a large assembly of humanity, in its anxiety to get near the grave, one can easily understand that there were many people who ran in the most ruthless manner over the graves, trampling flowers and other decorations under foot.

War and insanity

It is a remarkable fact that insanity has decreased since the war began. – Dr Murray Leslie

Mr Willis Bund a soldier

Mr Willis Bund announced that he had received a postcard, and under his name was either “slacker” or “shirker”. He thought that the writer had forgotten that the supply of men in England was not so exhausted that people over 70 were taken. When they were he would be only too happy to offer his services.

Your sweets will cost you more

It is likely that even the price of sweets will be increased. It appears that owing to scarcity and increased cost of raw materials the wholesale price of chocolates, toffees and confectionary is to be advanced from today.

Recruiting campaign in Smethwick

The call to arms has again been sounded in Smethwick. Since the autumn the recruiting office has been closed, men having to enlist at neighbouring towns. But with Lord Kitchener’s imperious call for 300,000 more soldiers, the authorities decided to open the department again so that every facility be afforded to those desirous of joining the line.

More news reports next month. in the meantime if you would like to find out more, or have stories of your own to tell then please contact us.