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Blue Plaques

The following guidance has been produced to assist people/organisations making suggestions for the erection of commemorative plaques.

Purpose of scheme

Blue Plaques commemorate people, events and famous landmarks and buildings in Sandwell.

Plaques can be erected:

  • on the building where the person was born, lived or worked for a significant period in the borough, or has a very close association with the person or event
  • on buildings where an event or incident of important national or local significance occurred
  • on a local or national famous building or landmark.

Criteria for nominating a Blue Plaque

Nominating a person

Any nominated person worthy of commemoration, is of national, international or local importance and;

  • is regarded as eminent by a majority of members of their own profession or vocation,
  • has made some important positive contribution to human welfare or happiness,
  • is immediately recognised by the well-informed passer by.

Proposals will not be considered for people who are still alive. Where appropriate a close living relative has granted their consent to the erection of the plaque.

Proposals will not be considered where the person is commemorated by a plaque elsewhere in the borough.

Nominating a historical place or building

Proposals will also be considered for the commemoration of sites or buildings of special historical interest where:

  • the building or structure is of particular architectural importance
  • the building has a connection with a historic person or event

An appropriate location for the plaque should be identified , where members of the public are able to view it from a public road or street without needing to enter any private property.

Permission has been sought and acquired from those resident within that building, the owners of the building and where relevant those who work there.

A plaque will not be erected on a building if its only claim to fame is that it appeared in a work of fiction.

Nominating an event

Proposals will also be considered for the commemoration of events of special historic interest and:

  • brought Sandwell to positive national attention
  • the event is significantly important in the borough's history
  • the event has happened at least ten years previously.

Financing your Blue Plaque

The persons who have made the nomination raise the finance necessary to see the plaque created and installed independently. Sandwell MBC Officers will not be able to become involved in the fund raising process.

Planning permission

In some cases planning permission may be required. If the chosen location is a listed building or in a conservation area, permission may be required from Sandwell Council Planning Committee.

The nominating individual will be responsible for making enquiries, making appropriate applications and making sure that all the correct permissions necessary are in place before the plaque can be installed.

Advice on planning permission can be sought from Sandwell Council Planning Department, telephone 0121 569 4049.

Design of Blue Plaque - specification

The plaque should conform to the normal dimensions of other commemorative plaques in Sandwell, that is:

  • shape - circular
  • dimensions - 15" diameter
  • wording - typeface/illustrations - Succint text and illustration if required
  • colour - dark blue with white lettering (BS 18E53)
  • material - cast aluminium.

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