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Sheepwash Local Nature Reserve is 39 hectares of young woodland, grassland, pools, streams and the River Tame linking the various habitats. It is reclaimed, former industrial land.

For further information contact 0121 588 6154 or 0121 569 3070.


Several pools, including a balancing lake for the River Tame support waders and wildfowl. Maturing woodland, grassland, pools and marshes provide habitat for a variety of small mammals and amphibians. Locally rare plants such as snakeshead fritillary, cowslip and yellow bartsia have also been recorded.


Sheepwash Local Nature Reserve main entrance is on Sheepwash Lane (B4166), Great Bridge, Tipton, DY4 7JB. Other pedestrian access is from Johns Lane, Dudley Port, and from Anne Close.


Limited roadside parking is available on Sheepwash Lane and at Anne Close.


A number of buses pass within five minutes walking distance of the Reserve. Dudley Port railway station is within five minutes walk of the Reserve. Contact Traveline on 0871 200 22 33 for further details.

Disabled Access

A number of footpaths suitable for wheelchairs lead around the Reserve and major improvements are scheduled for 2009/10.


The Reserve is open to the public at all times.