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Parking arrangements, traffic management and road closures | Festivals at Sandwell Valley - September 2021 | Sandwell Council

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Festivals at Sandwell Valley - September 2021

Parking arrangements, traffic management and road closures

Festivals at Sandwell Valley - September 2021 Information for local residents

Important information for residents who live near to Sandwell Valley country park

This information has been provided by the organisers of MADE, Live From The Valley and Elrow festivals in consultation with Sandwell Council for the residents and businesses located in close proximity to Sandwell Valley Country Park.

Drop-in session for local residents to get parking permits

We have a session on Thursday 16 September at Dartmouth Park Pavilion.

  • 9am - 1pm

Please bring the correct documents so the team can verify these at the sessions and issue you with your parking permits.

Event location

Sandwell Valley Country Park
B71 4GB

Event dates

MADE – Saturday 18 September 2021.

  • Gates open 11am
  • Last entry 4pm
  • Event closes at 10.30pm.

UB40: Live From The Valley – Sunday 19 September 2021.

  • Gates open 12midday.
  • Last entry 4pm.
  • Event closes at 10pm.

Elrow Midlands – Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 September 2021.

  • Gates open 11am.
  • Last entry 4pm
  • Event closes at 10.30pm (10pm on Sunday 26 Sept).

Sandwell Valley Country Park will be welcoming two weekends of events over the coming weeks. In order to protect local residents and businesses and minimise disruption a robust event plan and measures have been put in place.

It is anticipated that a large number of people attending the upcoming events will make use of public transport. Those that intend to travel by car must purchase parking in advance of event for a designated area at Sandwell Valley Country Park and will not be permitted to park in and around residential streets.

A protection zone will be implemented in the local area adjacent to the event site, with permits required to allow parking. Only local residents and businesses in the affected areas will be able to apply for permits.

Which area and which roads are affected by the road closures?

The pink area marked on this map will be affected both weekends.

If your property or business is located within the pink area you will need to apply for a parking permit.

The following streets will be under residential protection measures between 8am and 12midnight on event days.

  • Salter’s Lane
  • Warstone Drive
  • Devonshire Drive
  • Woodward Street
  • Slaithwaite Road
  • Kiniths Way
  • Lyndon Grove
  • Kiniths Crescent
  • Hallam Drive
  • Hallam Close
  • Little Lane
  • New Street North
  • Park Crescent
  • Christina Court
  • Summer Street
  • Stoney Lane
  • St Clements Lane
  • Taylors Lane
  • Sandwell Road West
  • Albion Field Drive
  • Grafton Road
  • Sheridan Street
  • Graham Road
  • Lloyd Street
  • Dagger Lane
  • Church Vale
  • Parsonage Street
  • Holyoak Street
  • Lyndon Grove
  • Cottrell Street
  • Lewisham Street
  • Temple Meadows Road
  • Europa Avenue
  • St Augustus Close
  • St Caroline Close
  • St Eleanor Close
  • St John’s Close
  • St Kenelm’s Close
  • St Edmund Close
  • St David’s Close
  • St Benedict’s Close
  • Priory Close
  • St Christopher Close
  • St Cuthbert’s Close
  • At Valentine’s Close
  • St Martin’s Close
  • Offini Close
  • St James Close

There will also be a number of roads closed during the evening to ensure event visitors are able to leave the venue safely. The following roads are closed from 9pm to 12midnight.

  • Walsall Street
  • Reform Street
  • Seagar Street
  • Hallam Street
  • Lloyd Street
  • Dagger Lane
  • Church Vale (Dagger Lane – Parsonage Street)
  • Cooper Street
  • Park Street
  • Treddles Lane

What time will the road closures be in operation?

Road closures will be in place from either 8am or 9pm until 12midnight on:

  • Saturday 18 September
  • Sunday 19 September
  • Saturday 25 September  
  • Sunday 26 September. 

Will I still be able to access my home or business premises while the roads are closed?

Yes, access will be maintained for all affected residents and businesses.

I work shifts or I am on call, will I still be able to access or leave my property during road closures?

Yes, access will be maintained for all affected residents and businesses.

How many permits can I apply for and what happens if I haven’t received my parking permit?

All residents and businesses based within the protection zone will need to apply for a permit (up to 2 per household) in advance.

If you have not received your permit, please contact APCOA Parking on

Please note that we will issue more than two permits if the vehicle is registered at the address however, no visitor permits will be issued unless they provide evidence that they are carers or family carers.

I am disabled and I am concerned about access, will I be able to park outside my home?

These measures have been put in place to reduce fly-parking (anti-social parking by event goers or others) in the area around Sandwell Valley Country Park.

This means that all residents should be able to get access to their properties, once within the closed area, as normal. If your home is in the affected area you will need a permit access the restricted area.

My carer/home help needs access to my home, what shall I do?

Road closures will be manned by staff equipped to manage the traffic in and out of the affected area.

Carers / home help and emergency vehicles will be allowed access at all times. If you are expecting a planned visit, please apply for a permit for their vehicle.

If you have a number of carers or home visits from different people, your carers will need to present evidence of their appointment at the barrier and they will be allowed through for an hour-long visit. If you feel your home visit will require additional time, please contact us on

Will deliveries to my home or business be affected?

No, delivery drivers and contractors will be allowed access to residents and business premises affected by the road closures. They will need to present evidence of their delivery at the barrier.

I am expecting visitors on the above date(s). Will they be allowed access?

If you have a driveway and visitors can park on your drive, they will be allowed through the restricted area however you must gain a permit for any vehicles parking on the road.

If I need to call 999 in an emergency, what will happen?

Emergency vehicles have access to properties at all times.

I run a business within the protection zone, will my customers / clients be allowed access?

Yes, your customers and clients will be allowed to access your premises as usual but will not be permitted to park in affected residential streets without a valid permit.

I’m expecting contractors at my home or business to carry out essential work, will they be allowed access?

Contractors working at homes or business premises in the affected area will be allowed access. If you have pre-planned work expected, please contact us ahead of the event so that we can facilitate access on If you require emergency work (e.g. you have a water leak), your contractor will need to present evidence that you have contacted them at the barriers and they will be issued with a waiver.

If I wish to report fly-parking (non-permit holder street parking), during the event what should I do?

If you wish to report fly parking during the events, please contact or our enforcement officers who will be operating throughout the event days on the residential streets.

Will local bus routes be affected?

No bus routes will be affected.

Am I able to provide feedback on the event operation after the event?

Yes. We are keen to work with local residents to measure the event operation and will be completing a post event review. Please give us your feedback.

Who are the key contacts?

General Enquiries –

Parking and Permit Enquiries -