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Equality in employment

Equality monitoring

To see whether this policy is effective we need to be able to measure (monitor) the people applying for and starting jobs in the council. We need to be able to tell:

  • Whether you are male or female
  • Your ethnic origin
  • Whether you have a disability
  • Your age group
  • Where you saw the vacancy advertised.

You are, therefore, requested to provide the monitoring information outlined on the tear-off page of the application form. Any information gathered will not identify individuals, but will only be used to measure how we are progressing towards achieving our aims.

This personal information will be kept securely and will not be made available to the interview panel before or during shortlisting to ensure that only your abilities, experience, training and qualifications are considered.

Some of the information may also be used in connection with the Council's policy of guaranteeing an interview to people with disabilities who meet the essential requirements of the job. We would also need to know if that person has any special needs during the recruitment process which we would need to respond to, e.g. an interview room accessible to wheelchair users, a Sign Language interpreter, a request for a disabled person to be on the interview panel, etc.

CVs cannot be accepted because of the difficulty of removing personal details which would identify you.

However, if you have a disability which makes it difficult to complete an application form you are allowed to submit a CV provided it contains sufficient information to enable the selection panel to assess whether you possess the essential requirements for the job when shortlisting for interview.

The information you provide will be treated confidentially and will not be revealed outside the council except as part of an overall equality statistical report which could not identify individuals.

The application forms of all unsuccessful applicants are destroyed after six months.

The council has determined that non-compliance with the requirement to complete the Equality Monitoring section will be viewed as indicating a candidate's implied opposition to the Equality Policy and will be treated as sufficient grounds for non-selection.