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Private landlord advice

Landlord Resources

Here are some of the resources we have in place to help landlords. 

How To Let: This guide will help you to understand what responsibilities you have as a landlord, which will help you create a positive relationship with your tenant.

How To Rent: This guide is for tenants and landlords in the private rented sector to help them understand their rights and responsibilities. This is also a legal document landlords must give to tenants at the start of their tenancy. 

MLAS (Midland Landlord Accreditation Scheme): MLAS is a scheme to provide training and support for landlords who aspire to be highly professional. It is run by Homestamp, a consortium of councils, and public bodies. 

Sandwell Private Landlord Forum: The forum allows the opportunity for you to hear experts talk about the key issues facing the private sector. You can network with other landlords and meet some of the council officers you might deal with. Dates for the forum are announced on our landlord blog and social media pages.

Sandwell Landlords Blog: Our blog provides advice and information to landlords in Sandwell. Stay up to date with latest news on Benefits, Council Tax, Regulations and Legislation changes and what it means for Landlords. Sign up to receive notifications of new posts by email.   

HMO Licence Application Form: If you have a property where there are more than 5 tenants in more than 2 households, then you will need a Licence. If you are the landlord of a House in Multiple Occupation, your property may need licensing. For more information please visit the official Sandwell Council HMO Website

Call before you serve!: 

Secure and Sustain Model: 

GDPR For Landlords: To understand more about why we collect your information, how you can access your information, your personal rights, how to raise a complaint about your information, who to raise the complaint to then please visit our privacy notice page. It is essential that you give your tenants a ‘privacy statement’ so that they are aware of why you hold on to their information and what you do with their information. It is also required that you are registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).