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Housing in Multiple Occupation (HMO)

How long will it take?

When completing the form online, supplying all the documents we require and successfully pay online, the process will be quite speedy. Here is an outline of what happens when you apply for a HMO Licence:

  • First you apply online. Complete the application form and attach all the documents we require.
  • Then you will be asked for a payment. 
  • After all the application form is filled and all the documentation is attached, the application is open for Consultation. Consultation takes 7 days and it is where various parties will investigate whether the applicant is a fit and proper person and there are no concerns with the property. 
  • After the 7 days of the Consultation period and there are no problems, the applicant will receive their Draft Licence and Intention notice. The application will then be open for Representation with other interested bodies. 
  • The Representation period lasts up to 14 days. This period is when the tenant(s) and any 3rd parties will be able to contact us to report any concerns that they have about the applicant or property. 
  • If the tenant(s) or 3rd parties come back with problems and concerns, then this may be shown on the Conditions section of the Licence. If the concerns are serious, there may be some further investigation, which may involve an inspection of the property. 
  • If there are no Representations after the 14 days, then we can approve the applicants Full Licence and issue it along with the Intention Notice.  
  • The full Licence is usually granted for 5 years, unless there are any concerns when it may be for a shorter period. 

Timeline of events:


What should I expect?

Your details will be sent to other members of the council, Police and Fire Service to determine whether you are a Fit and Proper Person to get a HMO Licence. They will investigate whether you have been associated with any Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) or criminal activity linked to the address.

When the Draft Licence is issued to you, it will also be sent to other interested parties which are outlined in your application form. If there are no comments been brought to us from the interested parties then we have no problem in issuing your Full Licence along with Conditions and Intention Notice.

Your Full Licence will usually last you 5 years. However, if there are concerns then you may only have your licence for 1-4 years.