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Fire safety in flats

We want to ensure that you are as safe as you possibly can be from the dangers of smoke and fire.

It is important that you know what to do if there is a fire in your block and how you can help keep yourself, your family and your neighbours safe.

We've now combined the advice and guidance into one document so please take some time to read our fire safety booklet which gives useful information about how to prevent fires and what to do in the event of a fire occurring.

You can download fire risk assessments for our high-rise flats.

You can also download fire risk assessments for our low-rise flats.

If you live in a flat and have not yet had a fire safety check, please call 0121 368 1166.

Frequently asked questions

Do we have smoke and heat detectors in all our buildings?

Smoke and heat detectors are fitted inside individual flats, hard wired systems are installed as part of specification for rewiring through our capital programme. However, we do not currently have plans to install communal systems across all our tower blocks, this will be reviewed as further information and recommendations are made by the appropriate authorities.

Are all fire safety measures up to date?

Yes. Whenever major improvements are considered, the fire prevention work is a key priority to ensure the residents are safe. We have in place a suitable and sufficient risk assessment as required under the Regulatory Reform Order (Fire) 2005, (also known as RRO 2005). We review the fire risk in our buildings through regular audits. 

Do we give residents details of evacuation plans?

We have a "stay put policy – unless" policy, unless occupants are in imminent danger or are directed to evacuate by emergency services.

Is there fire-fighting equipment in the buildings? 

We have dry risers in all our high rise buildings, pipes used by the fire service to distribute water to multiple levels of a building.

We do not want residents attempting to tackle fires. In addition, where there are community rooms or old concierge rooms these typically have portable equipment usually fire extinguishers but may also include fire blankets where required. We have considered sprinklers in flats and we will be consulting with residents on the impact of installing sprinklers in every high rise flat.

Have all actions / recommendations from fire risk assessments been implemented in all the buildings

Yes. Our caretaking teams also raise orders for repairs as necessary as do our dedicated Fire Risk Assessors conducting audits. However if you have identified any issues please raise this through our contact centre 0121 569 6000 who will record the details and organise an inspection.