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What happened to Sandwell Homes? | Sandwell Council

Councillor surgeries this week have been suspended

In light of the recent tragic events in Essex and as a mark of respect, councillor surgeries this week (18-24 October) have been suspended. More details and how to contact your councillor →

What happened to Sandwell Homes?

Sandwell Homes was set up in 2004 to manage and improve council properties in Sandwell.

Sandwell Homes is now part of Sandwell Council but we still deliver the same housing services as before.

The housing pages of our website will give you the information you need to find a council property, pay your rent, report a repair and other services.

You may still see vans and office signs with the Sandwell Homes' name on. These will be replaced when they need to be, so money has not been wasted changing them.

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