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Time to get active

What's stopping you from exercising?

Are any of the following stopping you from getting active?

Lack of time?

Start by making small changes to your normal day. You could try walking to work, build your speed up when walking the dog so you go further in the same amount of time, use exercise equipment (for example an exercise bike) while you watch your favourite TV programme. Other ideas could include parking your car further from home or the office or getting off the bus a stop early. With a bit of imagination, even the busiest person can make room for physical activity.

Not the sporty type?

You don't need to be 'sporty' to lead an active life. There are many activities like gardening, walking and playing in the park that are not considered sport, but still contribute towards an active lifestyle.


Physical activity doesn't have to cost a penny if you don't want it to. If you have ready access to a flight of steps, walking or running up those stairs several times a day - whichever you can manage comfortably - this all adds up and can contribute to the 30 minutes of physical activity recommended on most days.

For short errands, why not walk instead of taking the car or bus? If you have a small amount of shopping to carry, this will increase the level of activity further. Make the most of the outdoors. In Sandwell there are miles of walkways, parks, canals, and green space that are available free of charge.

Sandwell Leisure Trust has extremely competitive rates for their leisure centres and gym/fitness class facilities.

Too old to be active?

Research has shown that people who are less active have more trouble with daily tasks. Starting to be more active at any age will not only improve your health, it will help you cope better with the demands of everyday life. Why not take up a hobby with friends, such as walking, dancing, bowling or an exercise class?

Don't know how to get started?

Call Sandwell Lifestyle Choices on 0800 011 4656. We can give you information about a whole range of healthy lifestyles services, and refer you to the following services.

  • Walkwell - an incentive scheme for people who wish to improve their health by walking.
  • Sandwell Stride - regular group walks.
  • Walk from Home - for people aged 60 years or over, do not exercise regularly or are housebound and need extra confidence to walk.
  • Cycling skills courses and family bike rides.
  • Gardening for health and the green gym.
  • Extend classes - a gentle exercise programme for people aged 60 or over.
  • Active Sandwell - a programme for people aged 60 or over, including bowling, swimming and tea dances.
  • Active Lifestyles - physical and social activities for people aged 16 and over, such as free fitness and gym sessions, dance sessions, yoga, zumba and more.

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