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Sandwell Walking Strategy

In September 2015, the council adopted a new Sandwell Walking Strategy to increase walking uptake, target resources and deliver improvements and enhancements to the walking environment, over a five year period.

Walking benefits us in many ways. It helps us to lose weight, helps to reduce the risk of disease and to live longer. It can also help us save money by being the cheapest way of getting from place to place.

Safe and secure walking routes can help bring communities together as well as stimulate the local economy.

Why do we need a Walking Strategy?

We want everyone in Sandwell to feel safe to walk about the borough.

Fast moving traffic on residential streets and personal security are just two reasons why some people don’t feel comfortable walking at all times.

The Walking Strategy will deliver improvements that will make people feel safer and encourage more to walk.

We are promoting walking as a smarter travel choice for local journeys to work, leisure and school. Walking has many health and wellbeing benefits, and we will provide support to groups that promote walking.

We want to help Sandwell’s residents to live happy and healthy lives and we can do this by creating a more attractive walking environment. The Strategy outlines how we intend to do this over the next few years.

What happens next?

Council officers and partners are currently working on delivering the Action Plan in the Strategy.  

Annual updates on progress will be posted to this page every September.

Read the full walking strategy here.

For further information, please email walking strategy.