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Looked after children and leaving care | Sandwell Council

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Looked after children and leaving care

Looked after children

When support in the family home is not the answer to serious problems, and no one else in the family is able to help, a child may need to be looked after elsewhere either temporarily or permanently.

The Looked After Children Service refers children and their families to the Family Resource Centre. They work to either move a child to a permanent substitute family, or reunite the child with their family.

Looked After Children's Services aim to:

  • help children grow up healthily, from conception to childhood
  • help children gain full advantage of the education system
  • make sure that children and young people behave well and keep out of the young offenders system
  • keep looked after children and young people safe from harm
  • make sure children acquire and develop the essential life and social skills needed for adulthood.

Children's guide to being in care

A group of young people who are in care or after care have put together a guide to being in care to help children who have just come into care. It will tell you what it's like to be in care, what to expect and how to cope with the good and the bad.

Leaving care

Sandwell Leaving Care Service can help looked after children and young people get ready for independence and provide support once they have left care.

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