Short break foster carers

Would you like to be a short break foster carer?

Right now, we need part-time carers to help children who have a disability and their families by offering them a short break.

Short-break fostering is looking after a child or young person with a disability (from 0-18) for regular weekends or holidays in your own home.

What's the difference between short breaks and mainstream fostering?

Short-break fostering differs from mainstream fostering because the child or young person does not live with you all the time but will visit on a regular basis. Typically this may be one weekend a month with occasional overnight stays and holiday visits.

Why do we need short break carers?

Whether at home with their own family, or in a long term foster care arrangement, the families and carers of children with a disability need a break from time to time to recharge their batteries or spend time with the rest of their family.

For children with a disability, short breaks mean the chance to meet new people, expand their horizons and develop their sense of independence.

So, even if you only have a few hours a month to give, by becoming a short break carer you can help a child with a disability and their family or carers who they live with full-time.

What's the difference between short breaks and respite care?

Short breaks are offered to families with a child or young person with a disability, whether they are living with their birth parents or being 'looked after' by the council. Respite care is also a type of short break - but it is for children in care and their full-time foster carers.

Who can become a short breaks or respite carer?

Almost anyone with patience, energy, a positive outlook and the good humour to face up to challenging situations. You don't need qualifications or previous experience, you just need to be willing to take part in our foster carers training and screening process, as well as having the time and space in your life to offer a home away from home.

If you want an informal chat about becoming a part-time foster carer, please call us on 0800 358 0899.

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