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Carer's assessment

This information is for carers of adults. If you look after a child with a special educational need or disability under 18, contact Sandwell Children with Disabilities team.

What is an assessment?

Your carer's assessment is a chance for you to tell us about your needs and how we can support you as a carer. A carer's assessment is free of charge, and it can be the first step towards getting the support you need.

You can ask for a carer’s assessment if you provide unpaid emotional or physical support to family members or friends and you feel you need some support. If you provide care for an adult needing care who is not under or by a contract or as part of voluntary work, you would not normally be regarded as a carer. If you get a Carer's Allowance, you can still ask for a Carer's Assessment. 

Who can have an assessment?

If you provide or intend to provide care for another adult and you need support, we will carry out a carer’s assessment.

If more than one person provides care to a family member or friend, all carers are entitled to an assessment.

You can have a carer’s assessment even if the person you care for has refused an assessment themselves. You could also be eligible for support in your own right whether the person you care for has eligible needs or not.

How can I get an assessment?

Call us on 0121 569 2266 for a short assessment over the phone, or email us on:

We can offer you information and advice, you can talk to the social worker who works with the person you care for, or if you need more specialist support we will direct you to other services on offer.

More support for carers

There may be some services that we can direct you to that will meet your needs, and which you can contact yourself.

If you would like more support we can arrange for someone to visit you to discuss your situation in detail. They will be able to tell you more about your rights to services and direct you to services that will help. You can speak to them in private away from the person you care for if you wish.

The carer's assessment is free.

Preparing for your assessment

Before the assessment, you might want to think about your situation and write down some notes to remind you. Here are some things you may wish to think about.

  • Are you able or willing to continue to carry out this caring role?
  • Do you want to get or keep a job, or do voluntary work?
  • Is your health affected due to caring?
  • Are you able to get out and about?
  • Do you get any time for yourself?
  • Are you able to do the things you enjoy?
  • Is your family or social life affected?
  • Do you need support with managing finances, claiming benefits or filling in forms?
  • Is the person you care for getting enough help?
  • What would happen if you became ill and how do you wish to plan for the longer term/ future?
  • What would make life easier for you?

After your assessment, if you are entitled to support, we will agree a support plan with you to plan how to meet your needs. You will need to re-apply for an assessment each year if your needs continue.

Help for the person you care for

The person you care for may also be able to get some help and support. They are entitled to an assessment of their health and social care needs