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Making a care and support plan | Making a care and support plan | Sandwell Council

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Making a care and support plan

Your care and support plan sets out:

  • what you need support with
  • how you want to spend your personal budget to get the agreed results.

Before we put together your care and support plan

Think about:

  • what will help you stay healthy, safe and independent
  • what works and doesn't work in your life right now
  • what you need to change
  • what is important to you
  • how to make these things happen.

You might want to involve your family or friends to help you think things through.

Remember, you can spend your personal budget on anything that is legal that will help you make the agreed changes.

Putting together your plan

We will go through the plan and agree on how you could use your personal budget to get the results you need.

We will work out how much money you might need for your personalised care and support plan. 

We will talk about how you want to manage your budget. We will talk through the various options with you. Find out more about managing your budget. One of the ways could be using a direct payment.

After we have agreed your care and support plan

When we have agreed what support you can get, we can start to work with you to put services in place.  

We will be able to work out how much your services will actually cost, how much you will pay towards them yourself and how much money we can give you. 

We will write to you to tell you how much you will have to pay.

If you do not agree with the amount you are asked to pay, you can ask us to look into this.

Is your care and support plan working?

In the two months after your care and support begins your social care worker will review your plan with you to make sure it is meeting your needs. You can discuss what's working well and anything that might need to change.

If you want to change your care and support plan because you think that there might be a better way of meeting your needs, you can discuss this with your social care worker.

If at any time you feel your support plan is not meeting your needs, or you feel unsafe or worried, you can contact us.

What if you are not happy with how we have supported you?

If you are not happy about how we have supported you, contact your social care worker..

If you wish to make a comment, compliment or complaint contact the Customer Focus Team.