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£150 Council Tax Energy Rebate - what you need to do next

The Council Tax Energy Rebate is a £150 payment to help with the cost of energy bills. The funding is provided by the Government and paid out by the Council. Find out what you need to do next. →

Counter Terrorism Advice & Guidance

National UK Terror Threat Level

To view the current National UK Terror Threat Level and for more information, please click on the following link.

Terrorism Threat Levels

The level is set by the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre and the Security Service (MI5).

National Counter Terrorism Security Office

Visit the National Counter Terrorism Security Office website for the latest counter terrorism advice and guidance. This page provides guidance, training and links for keeping individuals and settings safe.

Tackling extremism and terrorism - Prevent

For information on the safeguarding strand of the National Counter Terrorism Strategy (CONTEST), or if you are concerned about somebody who may be vulnerable to radicalisation, please visit Sandwell Council's 'Prevent' page.