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Safer 6 campaign 2021

Safer 6 2021

Sandwell's annual autumn Safer 6 campaign had a special online focus this year – as well as activities across our six towns.

The campaign, in its 12th year, promoted a wide range of safety, crime prevention and healthy living advice. The campaign ran from 27 September to 7 November 2021.

Each of the six weeks had a different theme:

  • Week 1 (27 September-3 October 2021): Substance misuse
  • Week 2 (4-10 October 2021): Under 25 violence and county lines
  • Week 3 (11-17 October 2021): Hate crime
  • Week 4 (18-24 October 2021): Exploitation
  • Week 5 (25-31 October 2021): Anti-social behaviour and crime
  • Week 6 (1-7 November 2021): Violence against women and girls

The campaign is led by Sandwell Council for the Safer Sandwell Partnership, which brings together the council, Sandwell Police, West Midlands Fire Service and many other partner organisations.

Follow the campaign on Twitter and Instagram using the #Safer6 hashtag and on the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages for Safer Sandwell Partnership organisations and services.

During Safer 6, we also held a survey for Sandwell people to help shape our new community safety strategy. Survey results are now being analysed. Thanks to everyone who took part.


We've shared details of Safer 6 2021 activities throughout the campaign. Activities included speed awareness, walkabouts, litter picks and skips in neighbourhoods.

Young people aged 11-18 also took part in a hate crime awareness competition by producing a poem or creating a piece of artwork. The deadline for entries was Friday 5 November and the winners were announced later in the year. Winners won a £75 voucher each.

Each town had a focus week during the campaign, as follows:

  • Week 1 (27 September-3 October 2021): Oldbury
  • Week 2 (4-10 October 2021): Rowley Regis
  • Week 3 (11-17 October 2021): Smethwick
  • Week 4 (18-24 October 2021): Tipton 
  • Week 5 (25-31 October 2021): Wednesbury
  • Week 6 (1-7 November 2021): West Bromwich

Find out more about Safer 6 2021 activities

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Information on domestic abuse support

Information on tackling extremism and terrorism

Information on reporting hate crime

Hate crime reporting with True Vision

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