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What makes your home attractive to burglars? | Sandwell Council

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What makes your home attractive to burglars?

1. A high front boundary

Make sure your front wall is no more than 1 metre high, so a burglar could be seen from the street.

2. Low side and rear boundaries

Make your side and driveway gates the same height as the boundaries around them.

3. Wheelie bins accessible

Store wheelie bins or other potential climbing aids behind locked gates, so burglars can’t climb up on them, chain them together and to something such as a gate away from the house to stop them from being moved towards the house. This also helps to stop the bin from being stolen and prevents the inconvenience of waiting for a new bin to be delivered.

4. No visible intruder alarm

Alarms are undoubtedly the most effective deterrent against burglary.

5. No security lighting

Lights can be a very successful crime prevention measure at night. All external lighting units should be placed where it is difficult for intruders to reach or designed so that they are suitably protected.

6. Valuables on display

When you leave your home it’s important to ensure you leave it as secure as possible. Getting into an ‘exit routine’ can help ensure that you don’t forget obvious, but important things, like not leaving your valuables near windows. Here’s our quick reminder on what to do when you leave your home.

7. Open or unsecured windows

On the ground floor and for other windows that are easily accessible, key operated locks are essential. Window handles should be multilocking, with shoot bolts into the frame. Extra security can be added to externally beaded windows with security clips, security tape or sealant.

8. Unsecured garage door

Be sure that your garage is as secure as possible.  For garages with metal ‘up and over’ doors, purpose made locks can be fitted to either side, about 300mm up from the floor, to reduce leverage. Wooden garage double doors can be secured with two substantial hasps and staples and closed shackle padlocks.

9. Unlocked shed

Thieves are attracted to garden sheds because they contain many every day, unmarked items that are easy to sell, and they’re often left unlocked or unsecured

10. Paved path or driveway

Gravel driveways and paths make a silent approach difficult.