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Elections 2022

Results of the 2022 Local Elections

Of the 24 seats up for election at the local elections on Thursday 5 May 2022, 21 were won by Labour and 3 were won by The Conservative Party. The average overall turnout was 26.12%.

The overall average turnout across Sandwell was  26.12%

Political makeup of Sandwell Council
Party Previous + / - After 2022 local elections
Labour 59 +2 61
Conservative 9 +1 10
Sandwell Together 2 -1 1
Vacancies 2 -2 0

Please note – the above changes relate to the political makeup of the council at the point of the 2022 Local Elections.

2021 Local elections

We last held local elections in 2021 in Sandwell. You can view the results of these elections and of previous elections.

Political make-up of Sandwell Council

Sandwell is a Labour-controlled council divided into 24 wards represented by 72 ward councillors.

Check the current political make-up of Sandwell Council.

Notice of election and other documents

We have published the notice of election for Thursday 5 May 2022.

Notice of poll and situation of polling stations

You can download the Statement of Persons Nominated to see a full list of the candidates standing in every ward. You can also download the Notice of Election Agents.

All other documents relating to the 2022 Local Elections.