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The household canvass 2020 | Sandwell Council

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The household canvass 2020

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Every year we write to you to check who lives in your household. We use this information to update our Register of Electors to make sure everyone who is eligible to vote is able to. The is called the annual household canvass.

This year the canvass is changing.

Most people will not need to respond to a letter from us if the information we hold for their household is correct.

The most important thing is that you read the letter we send you very carefully. The letter will tell you whether you need to respond or not.

Letters sent in early August

Most people (around nine out of ten households in Sandwell) will receive a letter at the beginning of August which will show the names of the people who live in their home.

Please read this letter carefully.

If the list of people who live in your home is correct, you do not need to do anything. The letter will state this clearly at the top.

If the list of people who live in your household is wrong, you need to let us know.
You will be able to do this online or by phone. There will not be a letter for you to return to the council.

Letters sent in mid-August

Around 14,000 households (roughly one in ten households in Sandwell) will receive a slightly different letter in mid-August.

This letter will go to households where we’re not sure if the people who lived there last year still live there.

If you receive this letter in mid-August, please read it carefully. It will tell you that you must respond whether the information we hold for your household is correct or not.

You must also let us know if the people who live in your household are different to those listed in the letter.

You will be able to respond to confirm or change your household details online, by text, by phone or by returning the form by post.

If you do not respond to this letter, we will send a reminder. If you still do not respond, we will call you to make sure you respond. 

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is unlikely we will be sending canvassers to knock on doors of people who have not responded to letters.

So it's really important that you respond as soon as possible if your letters states that you should. We may also contact you by text, telephone or email to remind you to respond.

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