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About elections in Sandwell

Local elections

Anyone who is registered to vote will be able to vote in the local elections. If you are not registered, you cannot vote. Find out more about the elections in Sandwell in 2021.

In the local election, one seat in each of Sandwell's 24 wards is up for election. You can vote for one candidate in your ward to become a councillor.

If there are vacancies, because a councillor has stepped down or passed away, there may also be a by-election in some wards, meaning you may have the option to vote for more than one councillor.

Sandwell has 72 councillors, or elected members, who represent particular areas, known as electoral wards.

There are 24 wards in the borough, and all have three councillors representing them.

Each councillor usually serves for four years at a time. This is because local elections are usually held in three out of every four years with one third of the 72 councillors retiring at each election.

You can also find out who your councillor is.